Kendall Lanes is a branch of Naperville Central

Kendall Lanes is used to making big plays on the softball field. The seniors of Naperville Central can also make it on the basketball court. Lanes showed Saturday when she stepped to the free throw line with the Redhawks a point behind Bennett with 22.5 seconds left in the fourth quarter. “It was so loud, … Read more

Cathedral Prep grad Leiden Chasten Staff Member

The 2002 Daytona 500 was remembered for two reasons. It was the first time it had been held since the death of Dale Earnhardt, whose driving success and charisma eclipsed NASCAR, in a last-lap accident the year before. The championship was also won by Ward Burton, a nine-year traveler who made his debut in the … Read more

Get ready for backlash from scratch

Was the work done net zero? That question would have sounded silly a year ago at the UN-sponsored COP26 climate summit in Glasgow, where some of the world’s most famous banks, airlines and carmakers flaunted their pledges. To be part of a net zero emissions future. UN envoys welcomed the fact that at least a … Read more

The study looks at a rare Icn-type supernova

Diagrams of the searcher for SN 2022ann (right) and its host galaxy, SDSS J101729.72–022535.6 (center and left). Credit: Davis et al. , 2022. An international team of astronomers has conducted optical and near-infrared observations of a rare Icn-type supernova known as SN 2022ann. Study results posted November 9 on a preprint server arXivsheds more light … Read more

Muscular dystrophy: symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment

The disease can occur in adulthood or in the perinatal period; In the latter case, it is called congenital and has a more severe course. The organs involved in one way or another are the central nervous system, the cardiovascular system, the endocrine system, vision, muscles and, of course, the respiratory system. Muscular dystrophy is … Read more

The Wildlife Conference promotes the protection of sharks and turtles

panama city — An international wildlife conference has moved to enact some of the most important protections for the species of sharks targeted in the flipper trade and the scores of turtles, lizards and frogs whose numbers have been decimated by the pet trade. The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna … Read more

Legalizing marijuana is a very unwise policy

Rev. Michael B Religious believers (especially pastors) are called to help people maintain their physical and mental well-being, just as well as their moral and spiritual well-being. This is the ethical imperative of health care. It includes alerting people to threats and taking steps to prevent dangers from accumulating. Our political leaders share this responsibility. … Read more