WWE SmackDown Summary & Reactions: Paul Returns, Facing Paul’s Return

It’s really easy to hate Logan Paul, isn’t it? Not just for the YouTube schtick, the “I’m young, successful and willing to do anything for views” gimmick, but just the way it carries itself. He’s the kind of person you’d be happy to see yelling in the ass when he inevitably overdos it in the face of a real tough guy.

Talking about…

Paul started this week’s Friday Night SmackDown to tease the fact that he had a match with Roman Reigns on his podcast, and wants to hold a press conference with him. Another Paul appeared to answer it, as the long-awaited Heyman returned to television after being laid off to sell the injuries he sustained at the hands of Brock Lesnar.

Somehow we seem to be very far from all of that.

In fact, the pitch that Paul gave in his WWE title match, which wasn’t officially a challenge to him but made clear he’s coming, is that maybe he can get a lucky punch and be the man to end Reigns’ long run as champion. After all, the great Floyd Mayweather couldn’t put him in a boxing match. Roman Reigns probably wouldn’t be able to do that in a pro wrestling match.

It’s kind of a funny claim that works in an environment like this, that is, a lot of fans who watch wouldn’t know better. And hey, it’s a heel program, even if Paul imagines himself the adorable face.

The real lovable face in all of this is Sami Zayn, who steps in to handle things and clean his watch with a seemingly devastating punch Paul plans to use to beat Reigns on the belt. Fans didn’t like it, and neither should you.

Sami was immediately cast in a match with Ricochet and the two brought together the beauty of a television match. In it, Jey Uso once again head-butted with Sami, this time costing him a win and Zayn getting good and fed up with him. Ricochet used the distraction to take everyone out with a big plunge and followed that up with the pressure of a shooting star for victory.

Before The Bloodline could attack, Madcap Moss hit the scene with a chair up to the odds, standing alongside Ricochet and Paul. He was a very good extrovert and made sense all over, considering that Ricochet had a previous match with Zane and Moss also took the North American title later booked, and they only cemented Zayn’s problems with J.

I’m not sure how crazy I am about Paul Reigns getting out of this.

Ronda Rousey and Liv Morgan had a backstage showdown during an interview segment, and they were actually pretty good:

Rossi still does not respect Morgan, despite losing her twice, regardless of the circumstances of those defeats. The way WWE played this one, Rousey is absolutely right to act this way. Morgan is still fighting for respect, so much so that she’s the one who requested a strict rules match in their next fight.

“It’s your funeral,” Rossi replied after a chuckle.

It’s as good a setup as any other confrontation between the two, and the extra requirement is almost certain to give us a better match than we would have otherwise.

all the rest
  • Carrion Cross got the darling black and white film along with some scary music to tell us he’s changing the tides, rewriting history and will make sure to direct Drew McIntyre. Hey, at least this time it was a small transfer and not a black and white photo while in the ring, right?!?
  • Max Dupree returned and immediately noticed the fact that Anaheim was a stone’s throw from Los Angeles. indeed. Maxxine put him back on track for the 2022 School Set Show. Naturally, while they were modeling, Braun Strowman decided he wanted to assault a group of people unprovoked again, and ran straight through Maximum Male Models. After he finished, Alpha Academy hit the scene to ambush him, with Otis attacking from behind and actually managing to overpower him. BigBrong demanded McMeatSong to fight as the heel slipped but did not get one. I’m mostly just wondering when we’ll get some semblance of the story here.
  • Bayley beat Raquel Rodriguez thanks to a few tricks from Damage CTRL. The match was so good it seemed odd that they would ever book it, considering Bayley had been named the next top contender for the Raw Women’s Championship, and it’s clear that Rodriguez is being prepared for bigger and better things as a singles star in the tournament. blue brand. Why are you beating her up here with cheating? hit me. Schotze came out to help her during match after match, for reasons that were not explained.
  • Drew McIntyre, good and angry at Cross’s attack on him, appeared without warning, without music, seemingly out of nowhere, by jumping on the advertising desk and making threats, that is, he would count down from three. You don’t want that, my friend!
  • Solo Sikoa has successfully defended the North American Championship against Madcap Moss, the first time that title has been defended in a SmackDown. I thoroughly enjoyed the match they put together. They started with the old inertia tying the collar and elbow and worked a strength match from there. It was slower, but well executed on both sides. I don’t really buy this version of Moss as a cuddly kid, but it works very well and you can see why I use it. Besides, this was more about successfully helping Zayn win Solo and lead the split in The Bloodline.
  • I want to love anything as much as I love the new day entry to Imperium:
  • The main event for the number one contenders in a Fatal 4-Way match was a lot of fun. I love messy matches like this, where you can barely keep up with all the action and guys are flying all over the place and doing anything to entertain. that was awesome.

I enjoyed the hell out of this show.

Grade: B +

Your turn!

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