Woman excludes co-worker from participating in group lunch suffers internet rupture

A woman who excluded her co-worker from a group lunch has sparked controversy online.

Posted in reddit‘sr/AmITheA** hole forum, a woman under the anonymous username u/VioletPilot97 shared her story to receive feedback from the ‘AITA’ community. The viral post has over 7,000 upvotes and 1,000 comments.

The original poster (OP) began her story by explaining that her boss had recently purchased an entire McDonald’s office. She wrote that most of her co-workers are vegetarians, so their options were limited. However, her co-worker, Amy, took all the chicken nuggets that were available and started eating it at her desk.

When the OP walked past Amy’s desk, she wondered if she could have one – as other co-workers did – only to have her scream “No!” they have.

A co-worker was excluded from the group lunch
Above, two co-workers have an argument. In the popular r/AmITheA**hole forum on Reddit, a woman who excluded her co-worker from a group lunch had the internet tearing up.
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The OP explained where the conflict began. “Earlier today, I decided to order from this nearby Chinese place. There were fewer of us on the workday, so I asked everyone except Amy if they wanted anything. We all contributed and ended up ordering a big lunch for ourselves. The food comes, We sit around a dining table.Amy notices and walks around, having a short conversation.

“Once she reaches for a plate and tries to serve the food, I tell her she can’t get the food as we all asked for ourselves. Amy looked at me in disbelief. I shrugged my shoulders. Amy puts the plate back on the table again and storms. She ate alone later and didn’t She says a lot to anyone all day. My colleagues are divided about this. Half of them say she came. And the other claim I was a little harsh to exclude and embarrass her,” she continued.

NEWSWEEK u/VioletPilot97 has been reached for comment.

NEWSWEEK He published several articles involving conflicts at work, including a woman who was Helped to report a co-worker who snuck in her purseslammed the father online after being forced For his son to stay at work and miss the birth of his first child And a woman who was criticized because of her Delaying her husband’s plans to return to work for another year.

How do you deal with disagreement between you and a coworker?

Learning how to handle conflict at work can increase productivity and make work fun, according to Indeed. The job search and advice site shared ways to deal with conflicts between you and your co-worker:

  • Keep the conflict between you and the coworker. Don’t discuss it with any of your other co-workers.
  • Discuss the situation with your co-worker face to face and speak in a calm voice.
  • Listen to their point of view and understand where they come from.
  • Know when to engage others including HR or senior officials.

redditor feedback

“[Not the a**hole] Regardless of the McDonald’s incident, the truth is that they didn’t pay for it, each of you paid for your own meal and it’s no different than bringing lunch and putting it in the fridge only for a co-worker to take it away without permission. Was it nice to offer some? Sure but no one has been asked to share their lunch with their evil,” wrote u/zadidoll, who received the highest comment with over 10,000 upvotes.

U/Bitbatgaming said, “[Not the a**hole]. It plays a huge role here. Notice how your boss ordered McDonald’s for the entire office, not just her. It’s greedy by refusing to participate, as well as rude manners when she kindly asked you to eat one.”

“[Everyone sucks here]You all seem incredibly immature. She was very curious about chicken nuggets, and she played one part in a mean girls style. Do yourself a favor and start behaving professionally toward your colleagues, even if they’re a little weird – in fact, especially if they’re a little weird,” explained u/hamsandwichandcrisps.

“Your classmate’s actions regarding chicken chops were selfish and immature. You did a good job mimicking her behavior in return. You don’t earn any points for sinking to her level. She didn’t earn your respect, but she also didn’t deserve your ridicule. [Everyone sucks here]u/SamW20910 commented.

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