The study says that walking can counteract some of the effects of sitting

Let’s face it: many people spend a lot of the day sitting at our desks. However irrespective of how a lot time your job takes, it is necessary to find time for motion, whether or not meaning strolling across the block or getting as much as stretch.

It is no secret that sitting for too lengthy is not good for you, and analysis confirms it. In accordance with one examineYou’re twice as more likely to die early in case you sit for greater than 12 to 13 hours a day.

The excellent news? a New examine She says you’ll be able to cut back this threat by taking a five-minute stroll each half hour. This is every part it is advisable learn about it.

Coworkers sitting at their desks in an office

Why strolling is nice to your well being in the long term

This examine reveals that even small enhancements in bodily exercise can have an effect on blood sugar and blood stress, Dr. Yu Ming Ni, MDAnd explains a heart specialist at Orange Coast Medical Middle in Fountain Valley, California. It is very important do not forget that small adjustments made over time can have an enduring affect on well being. A five-minute stroll each hour of desk work could not look like a lot, however this could construct up over the course of the workday.

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