Biden tells UN that Putin’s attempts to ‘extinguish’ Ukraine must ‘make your blood cool’

United nations CNN – President Joe Biden On Wednesday, he declared Russia’s invasion of Ukraine a violation of world order, sharpening his rebuke to President Vladimir Putin as the war entered a new tense moment. Biden’s speech at the United Nations General Assembly came hours after Putin announced an expansion of his war effort, lending … Read more

Hurricane Fiona: 1,000 people rescued as Puerto Rico hits Puerto Rico with floods and power outages before hitting the Dominican Republic

Editor’s note: On the way to the storm? bookmark CNN Light website For quick contact. CNN – Rescue workers struggle to rescue flood victims in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Fiona It wiped out most of the island before it hit the Dominican Republic. With the heavy rain expected to continue to cause mudslides and catastrophic … Read more

History Book: The Beginning of Emoji

NICK EICHER, HOST: Today is Monday, September 19th. good morning! This is it The world and everything in it From the listener-supported world radio. I’m Nick Escher. Mary Richard, Host: And I am Mary Richard. Next, a world history book. Today we remember the hurricane that hit the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. In addition, … Read more

Biden has arrived in London for a two-day visit to honor the Queen

CNN – President Joe Biden arrived in London late Saturday for a two-day visit in honor of Queen Elizabeth II, the country’s longtime monarch who he says has “defined an era”. Biden joins leaders from dozens of other countries to pay their respects to the late king, whom he met last year and then announced … Read more

Do you really want to keep paying commissions to the salesperson you fired?

Seyfarth SummaryBaylor Miraca Genetics Laboratories, LLC (“BMGL”) is engaged in genetic testing. BMGL sells its tests to “channel partners,” who in return order test samples that doctors order. Brandon Berthuis became Vice President of Sales and Marketing at BMGL in early 2015. The two-page employment agreement drafted by BMGL Berthuis provided a base salary and … Read more

Police said BNP Rock was shot dead at Roscoe Chicken and Waffles in Los Angeles

CNN – Los Angeles Police Chief Michael Moore said Tuesday that rapper BNP rock was shot dead during a robbery in Los Angeles on Monday. Police responded to a possible burglary at the Roscoe House of Chicken in Waffles on West Manchester Avenue at 1:15 p.m. by finding a victim with multiple gunshot wounds, LAPD … Read more