In a letter, Pac-12’s George Klyavkov cites ‘important financial and mental’ concerns over UCLA’s move to the Big Ten

In a letter submitted to the University of California Board of Regents before a closed session Thursday for discussion University of CaliforniaProposed move to the Big Ten conference, Pac-12 commissioner George Klyavkov spoke of his “significant concerns” about the move, including its impact on the mental health of students and athletes, increased travel and operating … Read more

Questions at the University of California, As Amary Bailey and a new studded chapter bring hope

one year ago, University of California Basketball was a beacon of stability. The Bruins were off on a surprising trip to the 2021 Finals, and they lost none of their lower tier men to NBA Draft or turn portal. Sadly, stability gave way to chaos in December, when the COVID-19 outbreak forced the team to … Read more