Why the biggest red flag in 2022 is to be ‘the man’s wife’

Publicly posting on social media about your love for your partner shouldn’t be a sign of cheating — but in 2022, it’s an immediate red flag. Introducing “wife man” – a term you may have heard to describe men whose wives are wholly representative of their personalities. Although in recent times this squeaky clean image … Read more

Ryan Breslow is back from Bolt as CEO of a new startup called Love

Controversial founder and CEO of push company Bolt is moving into the CEO seat of an early-stage wellness startup. sBolt CEO Jan Breslow announced Friday that he will take over as CEO and founder of a health startup called Love. In January 2022, Breslow, 28 years old, confused It fueled conspiracy theories across Silicon Valley … Read more

Best books for a broken heart

For years after my last failed relationship, I’d been hoarding lines from books that seemed to describe my ex so perfectly and destructively. Willa Cather wrote about the grouchy husband, Frank, in O pioneers! His unhappy mood was like a cage. He could never get out of it. And he felt that others, especially his … Read more