The student author hopes the book will help combat stigma around mental health

A Winston-Salem State University student who recently self-published a book after going through no trauma. He hopes to guide others on their own journey of self-love. Our AUDREY BISCOE story is a journey for every person, any race, any color you can, male or female, because mental health affects everyone. Diamante Demons lost her father … Read more

Mistrust and polarization lead rural governments to reject federal funding for public health

When Elko County commissioners denied a $500,000 grant from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that could have helped the county establish a health department or district, Kayla Hopkins implored them to reconsider. Hopkins, who has lived for nearly nine years in the sprawling, rural county that makes up the northeast corner of Nevada, … Read more

Principal: Aaron Carter was in physical decline before his death

Aaron Carter’s manager was surprised by the beleaguered artist’s languid appearance just two days before his arrival Found tragically dead. “He looked skinny. He was so tired,” Taylor Helgeson told Page Six EXCLUSIVELY. “He looked like he needed to do anything but work. He looked like he needed to be taken care of.” Helgeson, who … Read more

Mental and physical health support is high on the list of needs of HISD students and parents

Houston Mental and physical health support tops the list of needs for students and parents in the Houston Independent Area, according to a new survey by the Education Research Consortium at Rice Kinder University. HISD’s 2021-22 Student Needs Survey was conducted of approximately 43,000 students (Grades 3-6 and 7-12), 8,000 parents (of students in grades … Read more

More major donors support – and discuss

By Maria de Minto of The Chronicle of Philanthropy, Chronicle of Philanthropy When financier Jeff Yabuki and his wife, Jill, announced last year that they would give $20 million to Wisconsin’s children’s health system, they became one of a growing number of wealthy donors making significant contributions to programs focused on mental health. They’ve also … Read more

Activities that promote safe work environments and promote mental well-being

workplace He should vigorously advocate the importance of breaking the stigma associated with mentality health We strive to promote mental wellness. Given how the definition of wellness has changed over the past few years, office health programs must be designed to evolve and remain true to the current lifestyle demands of the workforce across age … Read more

Lzzy Hale of Halestorm is determined to break the stigma of mental health in Hard Rock

Lzzy Hale of Halestorm Presents July 2022 Getty Images It’s easy to assume that conversations about mental health would be taboo in the hard rock and metal community. Lzzy Hale, who leads the Grammy-winning band HallstormHe says think again. “I’ve seen both sides. This community on the one hand is literally a holy place for … Read more

More Australians are turning to exercise to maintain their mental health, but a growing number are giving up on it entirely.

A record number of Australians may be dropping exercise from their life priority list, but many seem to see its broader benefits, according to AusPlay’s annual 20,000-person survey of the country’s exercise habits. the main points: Latest national sports and exercise survey shows how Australians are emerging from the pandemic However, the proportion of inactive … Read more

Benton County has purchased the former Kennewick Washington Hospital building

Benton County is buying the old Kennewick General Hospital building, most recently the Trios Hospital for Women and Children, on Auburn Street in Kennewick to use for mental health services. Tri-City Herald . Profile Kennewick, Washington Benton County is set to become owner on Tuesday of The former Kennewick General Hospital building on Auburn Street. … Read more

NYPD data sees sharp rise in arrests among those with history of mental illness – NBC New York

what do you know The number of arrests related to individuals with a history of mental health has risen in the past five years, according to New York police statistics obtained by NBC 4 New York. Mental health and how police respond to incidents that may involve an emotionally disturbed person has been at the … Read more