Global Power Rankings: June 27, 2022

This article was contributed by DraftKings. For more ideas on sports betting, check out DraftKings Playbook. Another week has passed and we are slowly approaching the halfway point of the season. We’ve seen a huge change in the power ratings, especially in the top five. Let’s take a look at how the MLB Power rankings … Read more

The Yankees are still in the lead

The Astros and Yankees series over the weekend set a great stage, and gave us what might be a good preview of more drama coming in October. The series had it all — two hits by Aaron Judge, and the Astros combined a no-hitting (the second time they’ve done it at Yankee Stadium) and a … Read more

Bryce Harper fractures of the left thumb

SAN DIEGO – The Phillies’ season changed with one stadium Saturday night at Petco Park. Bryce Harper He broke his left thumb when he hit Blake Snell’s 97.2 mph fastball in the fourth inning. Harper doesn’t know how long he’ll miss or if he’ll need surgery, but Velez put him on his 10-day injury list … Read more

Christian Javier, Houston Astros Bullpen unite for a no-hitter against the New York Yankees

Houston Astros pitcher Christian Jaffer And two loyalists combined for the first time against the New York Yankees in 19 years, shutting out the best team in baseball to a 3-0 win at Yankee Stadium on Saturday. Javier (5-3), a 25-year-old right-winger who hasn’t made a full game in 84 professional starts, scored a career … Read more

Emotional Freddy Freeman gets a buzz, and applause is back in Atlanta

Atlanta – Freddy Freeman She walked into the interview room in Truist Park on a Friday afternoon and couldn’t contain his feelings. He took a deep breath, turned away from the cameras, put his hands above his head and walked out. He said, “Give me a second.” “hold on.” A few minutes later, Freeman is … Read more

Royals looking to sell White Merryfield and more

John Heyman shares his news and observations from around Major League Baseball: The Royals, a realistic collection, will sell out. Andrew Benintende might be the best of them all and Carlos Santana might be attracting attention. One rival executive said members of the royal family are talking “more seriously” about the versatile White Merryfield in … Read more

MLB Trade Deadline: Ranking the 12 best players to trade, and the best team for them

Earlier this week, I ranked Best starting pitchers Who can be on the move before MLB Trade Deadline, which built on my big board roster Most likely to be dealt with 125 players From now until August 2nd. Now it’s time to rank the best players available and decide which teams best suit them. The … Read more

Global Power Rankings: June 19, 2022

This article was contributed by DraftKings. For more ideas on sports betting, check out DraftKings Playbook. We had a great week in Major League Baseball. The Braves ended up winning 14 in a row, the Dodgers lost a major part of the offense at the Mookie Betts and the Brewers and Cardinals were both held … Read more