Ukraine braces for Russian storm in east ahead of EU meeting

Luhansk governor says the situation is ‘extremely difficult’ The Kremlin says the captured Americans are mercenaries EU to decide on Ukraine’s membership bid this week Russia threatens to retaliate against Lithuania Kyiv (Reuters) – Ukraine on Tuesday acknowledged the difficulties of fighting in its east as Russian forces regrouped after mounting pressure and making progress … Read more

France at risk of deadlock after Macron handed over a hung parliament

Macron’s camp fails to win an absolute majority in Parliament We will now seek alliances with other parties The risk of political paralysis in the absence of deals PARIS (Reuters) – President Emmanuel Macron faced calls for his prime minister to resign on Monday, questioning his ability to rule decisively after his camp lost a … Read more

China’s oil imports from Russia may rise to a record high, overtaking Saudi Arabia’s largest oil supplier

Oil and gas tanks at an oil depot in the port of Zhuhai, China, October 22, 2018. (Reuters) / Ali Song Register now to get free unlimited access to Register Russia overtakes Saudi Arabia as the largest supplier after a gap of 19 months Russia imports nearly two million barrels per day in May … Read more

French elections: Macron loses absolute majority in parliament in ‘democratic shock’

289 seats are required for an absolute majority Macron’s camp is too short Preliminary results indicate the suspension of Parliament The Left Alliance is a major opposition group The far right scores big victories PARIS (Reuters) – French President Emmanuel Macron lost control of the National Assembly in Sunday’s legislative elections, a major setback that … Read more

After EU nods, Ukraine vows victory while battling Russian attacks

Johnson pledges support, warns Ukraine will be overburdened The EU summit is expected to support the status of Ukraine’s candidate The battle continues for Sievierodonetsk Zelensky visits troops in the south More missile strikes and shelling across eastern and central Ukraine Kyiv (June 18) (Reuters) – With a blessing for its European Union ambitions and … Read more

European leaders visit Ukraine, pin their hopes on EU membership

Zelensky thanks EU leaders for solidarity visit Commanders roam the devastated city of Irbin Fighting rages in Severodonetsk and southern Ukraine Kyiv/IRBIN, Ukraine (Reuters) – The leaders of Germany, France and Italy, all of whom Kyiv has criticized in the past for their support they view as too cautious, visited Ukraine on Thursday and hoped … Read more

Russian gas flows to Europe plummet, hampering attempt to refill stores

Nord Stream 1 pipeline capacity reduced to 40% Gas price in Europe jumped by as much as 30% after news of unrest Gazprom blames equipment cuts for equipment delays from Canada Freeport LNG terminal in the US is offline until September LONDON (Reuters) – Russian gas supplies to Europe through the Nord Stream 1 pipeline … Read more

Putin said on Friday that the sanctioned Kremlin is depriving Russia’s Davos of its elite

International Economic Forum June 15-18 in St. Petersburg There are no prominent Western figures in the “Russian Davos” because of the sanctions Putin delivers a grand speech June 17, talk to the media – assistant June 14 (Reuters) – Russia has for years hosted world leaders and business giants at its annual economic forum in … Read more

Ukraine defies Russian ultimatum Sievierodonetsk

Severodonetsk city center to fight for eastern Ukraine Hundreds are trapped at the Azot chemical plant in Severodonetsk NATO defense ministers are scheduled to discuss military aid to Ukraine Kyiv/NEW YORK, Ukraine, June 15 (Reuters) – Ukraine ignored a Russian ultimatum to hand over the eastern Russian city of Severodonetsk on Wednesday as NATO defense … Read more

Water pleads with God: Lake in Chile turns into desert, raises alarm about climate change

PINUELAS, Chile, June 13 (Reuters) – Until 20 years ago, the Pinuelas Reservoir in central Chile was the main source of water for Valpara√≠so, holding enough water for 38,000 Olympic-size swimming pools. Water remains for my swimming pool only now. A vast expanse of dry, cracked land that was once the bottom of a lake … Read more