Updated college football projections: Penn State to Rose, Ohio State to Orange

One small step by the Rose Bowl, a giant series of changes to the latest Bowl projections. Rose Bowls Prospect of calling Penn State and transformation Ohio State to me orange Define a chain reaction that includes 17 different match changes. It’s not quite as simple as flipping Big Ten competitors over and calling them … Read more

Stanford coach David Shaw resigned after the Cardinals finished 3-9

STANFORD, Calif. (AP) — Stanford head coach David Shaw resigned Saturday night after finishing his 12th alma mater season with a 36-25 loss to BYU dropping the Cardinals to 3-9. Shaw, 50, has led Stanford to five double-digit winning seasons, with three Pac-12 titles and two Rose Bowl appearances in his first six years as … Read more

Florida State has come “a long way” in Norville’s third season

TILLAHASSE, Fla. (AP) — Robert Cooper appreciates a change that few of his Florida State classmates can match. Defensive tackle Jimbo Fisher. He outsprinted Willie Taggart. He made it through Mike Norvell’s early struggles. Now, he’s enjoying the reward. Cooper and the 16th-ranked Seminoles (8-3) have won four straight games by 25 or more points … Read more

How Michigan native Mimi Bolden Morris went from Muck City water girl to graduating assistant coach

Ann Arbor, Mich. — On the edge of the Florida Everglades, the black soil of Muck City is known for producing two things: football players and sugarcane. The small communities of Pahoki and Bel Glade are known for producing more NFL More players per capita than any other region in the country. The place has … Read more

Deion Sanders is hosting a press conference no one’s ever seen before

The agenda was not an agenda. the movement? Simply to connect on a more personal level, most likely with fans, curiosity seekers and a few coaches from different levels of football. Deion Sanders didn’t set a time limit, didn’t pre-screen questions and literally didn’t know who was waiving video access for questions Thursday during a … Read more

College football coaching rumors: What we’re hearing

The 2021 college football training session had some oddities underlying much of the movement. On the one hand, there was the fact that coaches sit Notre Dame and Oklahoma quit new jobs of their own volition without being expelled. There were also jobs that opened and filled before the season ended (Texas Tech, UConn, Georgia … Read more

Top 25 college football rankings: UCLA, Texas, BYU, Illinois

UCLA quarterback Dorian Thompson Robinson (1) throws during the first half of an NCAA college football game against Utah in Pasadena, California, Saturday, Oct. 8, 2022 (AP Photo/Ashley Landis) Ashley Landis AP The best teams in the country all won this weekend, making it easier than usual to rank the top 25 teams in the … Read more

Mike Leach Has An Ambitious Plan To Overhaul College Football NIL

Fifteen months into the Name, Image, and Similarity (NIL) era, Mike Leach has come to a realization like many in the industry: college sports have been professionalized. And it’s time, he says, for college athletes to become professionals. It’s time to draft the player. It’s time for maximum salaries, trades and player cuts. Stuck in … Read more

The College Game Interval Extension for Top 12 Shows: Week 5

The college playoffs show for the 12 best shows, 2022 edition after week five Contact / Follow up Tweet embed & Tweet embedpot forecast | CFN Ranking Week 5 1-131 More and more, it looks like the idea of ​​expanding college football playoffs to include 12 teams will make the game even better. How big … Read more

In a letter, Pac-12’s George Klyavkov cites ‘important financial and mental’ concerns over UCLA’s move to the Big Ten

In a letter submitted to the University of California Board of Regents before a closed session Thursday for discussion University of CaliforniaProposed move to the Big Ten conference, Pac-12 commissioner George Klyavkov spoke of his “significant concerns” about the move, including its impact on the mental health of students and athletes, increased travel and operating … Read more