How do you even cheat at chess? Artificial Intelligence and Morse Code

CNN – It is the story that shook chess and showed no sign of abating. The cheating scandal that has swept the sport, involving five-time world champion Magnus Carlsen, is all anyone talks about. Monday, Carlsen expressly accused His fellow senior and rival Hans Niemann was first cheated in a lengthy statement on Twitter. The … Read more

MIT report investigates the impact of deep learning on cybersecurity

A new report from MIT and Deep Instinct seeks to dispel confusion in the cybersecurity market. … [+] Between artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning. GT There are a lot of buzzwords in the world of cybersecurity marketing. When an emerging concept hits a certain viral tipping point, it seems like all of the … Read more

PACSman Certifications: Webinars, bobbleheads, and AI

PACSman man, Mike Canavu. Oftentimes, though, especially with panel discussions on artificial intelligence, I feel like I’m following a car with a mottled roof in the rear window, as everyone nodded their heads up and down in agreement with what one presenter or another was saying while the discussion was usually done. Very little substance. … Read more

The dreaded problem that kills AI projects

Have you ever looked at something and were creeped out by its almost human-like appearance, but not quite? Be honest – does Sophia’s robot scare you? The feeling of crawling can range from robots to CGI animation or animation as you see it in theme parks, dollhouses, or even digital assistants. This concept is called … Read more

AI, 5G, and nanomedicine can help patients or become cyber targets

The federal agency identifies potential weaknesses in the latest technology. AI and other cutting-edge technologies have the potential to help healthcare — and could be new portals for it Cyber ​​threats. US Department of Health and Human Services” Cyber ​​Security Coordination Center for the Health Sector This month, HC3 analyzed potential weaknesses in the cutting-edge … Read more

AITX Subsidiary Robotic Assistants Conclude GSX

Detroit, Michigan, September 15, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – artificial intelligence technology solutions,OTCPK: AITX), today that its wholly owned subsidiary, Robotic Assistance Devices, Inc. (RAD) has received the company’s recently announced thirty pre-order commitments from RIO™Solar powered mobile security solution. Rio (sOSA In depends abservatory) in producing RAD’s best-selling and award-winning security robot known as ROSA. … Read more