Steve Curry says the US government tried to silence him about Britney Greiner

November 30, 2021;  Phoenix, Arizona, USA;  Phoenix Suns center Deandre Ayton (22) presses a shot by Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry (30) into the footprint center.

Everyone knows that Steve Curry is hard to stop on the court.

He also knows that his voice on social and legal justice, including the arrest of Britney Grenier in Russia, is unstoppable.

Carrie, in Rolling Stone October issue cover storywhich was published on Monday, said the Biden administration had rejected his offer to help efforts to get the Phoenix Mercury All-Star launched.

Grenier was convicted on drug smuggling charges and sentenced to nine years in prison on August 4. Arrested for being caught with cannabis oil cartridges at Moscow airport security on February 17, she was unjustly detained by the Biden administration in May.

When Greiner was in remand, Carey said he reached out to acquaintances in the Biden administration, and said they had turned down an expanded olive branch amid Russian prison exchange negotiations.

“They were telling us, ‘Don’t say anything,'” said Carey.

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The NBA front office was initially co-operative with the US government on keeping its players silent regarding the Grenier case. But the league’s players and coaches, including the Phoenix Suns, have been talking loudly about Grenier since May.

Carrie began discussing his views on the Griner case during a while ESPN Live Interview with Malika Andrews In June, where he said, “It’s an unfortunate situation, it’s a tragedy… you should be home.”

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