Spirent “Send us your device” service opens up new ways to test Wi-Fi equipment

Allows the unique TaaS option WIFI Manufacturers to access the most complex testing procedures on an as-needed basis

SingaporeAnd the Sydney And the Kuala LumpurAnd the September 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/- Spernet Communications plc (LSE: SPT), a leading provider of testing and assurance solutions for next-generation devices and networks, today announced the launch of a new “Send Us Your Device” test-as-a-service (TaaS) option for Wi-Fi customers. The service, a first from a manufacturer of advanced Wi-Fi test tanks, enables access to the advanced capabilities of Spirent’s OCTOBOX simulation and testing solution for organizations where the capital expenditure and significant expertise required to own and manage such complex test setups may not be the case. be an option.

Spirent TaaS for WiFi devices

Spirent TaaS for WiFi devices

The increasing complexity of Wi-Fi technology requires developers and manufacturers to rethink their approach to performance testing of new Wi-Fi-enabled devices. The evolution of Wi-Fi 6 and 6E, the growth of multipoint access networks, and expectations around 5G and Wi-Fi convergence are creating new applications and business models that require new approaches to testing.

“Owning and managing complex test settings for rapidly evolving Wi-Fi technologies may not be business-friendly for some manufacturers and developers,” he says. Doug Roberts, General Manager of the Lifecycle Assurance business at Spirent. “As the market leader in Wi-Fi emulation and testing capabilities, this new Spirent service meets the needs of these companies by providing instant access to advanced testing and fault analysis that will significantly reduce their time on the market and increase their quality of performance.”

The new service targets businesses with Wi-Fi testing needs but few or no on-site testing facilities of their own, as well as organizations such as chip developers, consumer device makers, Internet of Things, and networking equipment manufacturers who need regular Wi-Fi performance. Testing But you may not have the in-house expertise to efficiently create, deploy, and implement the set of performance tests the industry now requires. Spirent OCTOBOX owners and others with existing labs can expect to find this service useful when they experience increased bandwidth at their test facility.

The service is available to clients globally, and is headquartered in Spirent’s Massachusetts Research facility where OCTOBOX test troughs are developed and manufactured. This allows Spirent to easily scale and downsize testing services for customers based on their ever-changing needs and leverage the company’s unparalleled expertise in Wi-Fi network simulation and testing. Spirent Lab also provides testing environments designed with hardware optimized to ensure that all devices are validated to the highest standards of quality accepted for publication by carriers and companies, such as TR-398 and RFC 2544.

“While many test facilities use software-based test rules, they are not able to perform realistic test scenarios that represent actual deployments,” Roberts said. “They often lack the ability to produce deterministic results necessary for replication. By using our OCTOBOX test modules in conjunction with our automation framework, we simulate real-world scenarios such as congestion, interference, distance, and movement – ​​all of which affect the quality of the user experience.”

For more information about testing Spirent as a service for Wi-Fi devices, visit www.spirent.com/products/wi-fi-testing-services.

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