Scout Jamary McDowell and his fitness in Kansas

Jamary McDowell He seemed to be one of the country’s most underrated prospects at the start of the conscription period in July.

I called him Top potential winger in Under Armor Association After watching the third session in Georgia and continuing to rank in the top 50 in the National Top247 rankings after the summer, with several top scholarship offers added along the way.

On Saturday, he made his pick and made a verbal commitment with KS and head coach bell self.

Here’s a breakdown of what he offers Lawrence, how he would fit into the Jayhawks program, and why I remain very optimistic about his future.

Scout Report

A tall, sporty McDowell with a solid frame will just keep packing. He runs and jumps easily, covers the field and overtakes the edge. While the winger is more of a true goalkeeper at the moment, there is a distinct skill set that is being developed. He was reportedly not known to be the shooter who advances the ranks, but he shoots clean and easy now and even flashes a few glimpses of his tough shot making capabilities. Likewise, he’s not an overly dynamic builder just yet, but he’s good enough with the ball to be a potentially great co-processor and a threat to ball and dribbling on the road. Defensively, there are tools that are clear with their length, size, and ease of movement. Overall, he is competitive and plays with a high engine on both ends of the floor.

In the short term, McDowell is a player who can earn minutes and influence wins at the highest levels of college basketball. He is far from the defense of the vast majority of high school players, can play an offensive role without having to control the ball, and has the right physical and mental tools to facilitate the transition.

One reason McDowell is underrated by many, and honestly still is, is that he doesn’t necessarily have the kind of ball-dominant scorer or natural creator who will go out and score 25+ points every time. In the long run, he’s not only checking out a variety of different chests that can translate to basketball’s highest, but at the same time he’s improving and developing at a rapid rate.


Christian Brown And the Ochai Agbaji They were top scorers on the National Championship team last year and both were first-round picks in the NBA Draft for the month of June. Both arrived in Kansas as wingers, developed their guarding skills during their college years and simultaneously influenced wins on both ends of the floor. McDowell’s chart would be very similar.

It has become almost impossible to project what the roster would look like from year to year in the current college basketball landscape, but with Kevin McCullar Entering his fifth year in college basketball and Galen Wilson Fourth, Kansas must prepare as if neither of them will return. Grady Dick And the MG rice They are an incoming freshman, but Dick’s five-star status outside of high school usually equates to early NBA aspirations. Whether or not that will pay off remains to be seen, but again, KS must plan accordingly.

McDowell is an ideal building block, as he can play in several different locations, and is not deterred by the fact that KS intends to bring him along with two guards (Chris Johnson Already committed and El Marco Jackson last target remaining), and plays a different type of game than Dick or Rice, whose games are based on her three-point shot and her power respectively. Additionally, McDowell has the upside to continue to develop with each passing year that he spends in Kansas.

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