Scotland vs Ireland: Nations League – LIVE | The League of Nations

Ireland are halfway to doing a number on Scotland again.

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Scotland only half clear the corner, Dykes’ header dropping to Molumby on the edge of the box. Molumby heads down the inside-left channel. Collins takes a touch, the ball breaking to Egan, who sweeps a shot into the bottom left. Ireland lead!

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John Egan celebrates after scoring the opening goal.”,”caption”:”Then celebrates.”,”credit”:”Photograph: Malcolm 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of Ireland fans celebrate after John Egan scores their first goal.”,”caption”:”As do the Republic of Ireland fans.”,”credit”:”Photograph: Russell 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Scotland 0-1 Republic of Ireland (Egan 18)”,”contributors”:[],”primaryDateLine”:”Sat 24 Sep 2022 15.40 EDT”,”secondaryDateLine”:”First published on Sat 24 Sep 2022 13.45 EDT”},{“id”:”632f43038f0822acf24f6023″,”elements”:[{“_type”:”model.dotcomrendering.pageElements.TextBlockElement”,”html”:”

Scotland: Gordon, Hickey, Hendry, McKenna, Tierney, McTominay, McGregor, Armstrong, McGinn, Christie, Dykes.
Subs: Kelly, McCrorie, Gallagher, Taylor, Porteous, Adams, Gilmour, Ralston, Doig, Fraser, Jack, McLean.


Republic of Ireland: Bazunu, Doherty, Collins, Egan, Cullen, O’Shea, Knight, Molumby, McClean, Obafemi, Parrott.
Subs: Travers, O’Leary, Coleman, Duffy, Robinson, Hourihane, Hendrick, Browne, Hogan, Ogbene, Brady, O’Dowda.


Referee: Sandro Schärer (Switzerland).

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Last Wednesday, Scotland did this …

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… and all of a sudden, winning Group B1 isn’t so much of a pipe dream. A draw tonight against the Republic of Ireland would pop them back on the top of the group – Ukraine won 5-0 in Armenia earlier this afternoon – and another point against the Ukrainians in neutral Poland on Tuesday would seal the deal. But the Republic have issues of their own, still not yet safe from relegation. A win at Hampden tonight would secure their status in the second tier, rendering the visit of Armenia on Tuesday academic. Given how well Scotland played during the week, and the 3-0 hiding Ireland gave them back in June, anything is possible tonight. Could be a cracker. Kick off is at 7.45pm BST. It’s on!

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main events

Half time entertainment. Something for lovers of both Scotland And Ireland to enjoy.

First half: Scotland 0-1 Republic of Ireland

Ireland halfway to do a number Scotland repeatedly.

45 min +1: Coleen nearly picks up the second yellow in a short order, and is late for a hickey on the plane. He made judgment known to him there. The resulting free kick is sent to the mixer, and Egan blocks Dickes’ shot.

45 minutes: Colin was booked for his poor reaction to Knight’s garden variety bug on McGinn. The referee has no blame.

44 minutes: Doherty chasing a ball down the right wing. Taylor takes care of her out of the game. Doherty gathers in his back and accidentally pins it to the back of his leg. A sore one, but fortunately, the newly arrived left-back made a quick comeback.

43 minutes: McGinn’s angle is bad and flies right down Bazunu’s throat.

42 minutes: Tierney disappears under the tunnel. He was replaced by Greg Taylor. Meanwhile, Dykes advances to the right and wins Scotland corner.

40 minutes: Ireland deal with the second corner. Scotland It’s down to ten men for a minute as the final decision is made about Tierney.

39 minutes: Tierney is awake, and says he’s fine, but I’m not sure the physicist will let him continue. He walks, shaking his head in annoyance. Meanwhile, the VAR shows no interest in Parrott’s tug of war.

38 minutes: Before the second corner is taken, the doctor comes to treat Tierney, who has had his arm pulled by Parrott and descended, before he accidentally performs a kick to the head. The VAR may take a look at that.

37 minutes: McTominay wins the ball from Molumby and sends Armstrong into space, lower right. His cross turned out to a corner on the right leading to another corner on the left. Meanwhile here’s Colum Farrelly: “Scott McTominay will miss the Ukraine game if he gets booked, tell us. But he will book, right? The only question is when. I’m going for 55 minutes.”

35 minutes: McClain long pass from the left. Barrott meets him at the far wand, forcing Gordon to turn a head off heading to the upper left. But Parrott met the ball only after he pushed Tierney in the back, and he didn’t get away with it.

33 minutes: Collins lunges off the right flank and makes a pass to the other flank for McClain, whose skewed display leads to a short game of head tennis and ultimately a foul to relieve the pressure on McTominay.

31 minutes: Armstrong explodes on the left and reaches the sideline before entering the box. Dykes chooses to lighten McGinn’s header rather than go on target. McGinn pulls another weak shot to the left.

Scotland's John McGinn (second from left) shoots wide.
Scotland’s John McGinn (second from left) shoots wide. Photography: Andrew Milligan/PA

29 minutes: Scotland Come on again, Tierney slides Kristi into space on the left. The resulting low cross was blocked by Egan. The hosts were able to speed up their pace, and things were starting to happen to them now. However, Pazono has not yet been done.

27 minutes: McGregor steps right and sends Armstrong away on the overlap. Armstrong swings low cross. McGinn arrives late to meet him, but his first shot dribbles wide left.

Scotsman John McGinn was widely shot.
Scotsman John McGinn was widely shot. Photography: Jeff Holmes/Shutterstock

26 minutes: Christie grabs 40 yards and heads toward the Irish box. He tries to find Armstrong with a criminal pass down the right inner canal. It’s too hot for Armstrong to control and he flies away for a goal kick. But this is a little better than Scotland.

24 minutes: Hampden fell very quietly. Home fans with their hopes dashed. A long way to go so far, though Scotland Need to put something together to make Hampden roar again. They have produced so far.

22 minutes: Scotland Try to clear their heads by stringing a few passes together. McTominay, McGinn and Christie saw a lot of the ball in the middle of the field. But they really aren’t going anywhere. Scotland has yet to appear on Wednesday night.

20 minutes: Ireland caused Scotland All sorts of set pieces in Dublin, and they’ve done it again. It cooled the air in Hampden, except for the remote section of course. They give it Abundance.

Goal! Scotland 0-1 Republic of Ireland (Eagan 18)

Scotland only half the corner, Dykes header fell to Mullombi on the edge of the penalty area. Molumbi heads to the left inner canal. Collins took a touch, and the ball broke to Egan, who fired a shot down the left. Ireland tops!

Republic of Ireland player John Egan scores his first goal.
John Egan of the Republic of Ireland leads visitors to the fore. Photograph: Lee Smith/Action/Reuters
Ireland's John Egan celebrates after scoring the opening goal.
Then you celebrate. Photo: Malcolm McKenzie/ProSports/Shutterstock
Republic of Ireland fans celebrate after John Egan scored their first goal.
As do the fans of the Republic of Ireland. Photo: Russell Cheney/Reuters

17 minutes: McTominay is stripped by Obafemi, and suddenly Ireland is three over two! Obafemi slips Parrott in Scotland The box is on the right. Parrott shoots a shot, but Hendry saves it well, who bravely spreads himself at the expense of a corner.

15 minutes: McGinn catches Knight late. It’s a wrong leg stuck at 50-50, nothing more, but it earns a recent Scotland captain from the referee. Doherty then grabs Tierney’s shoulder over his jaw. There’s no grudge there either, but Tierney felt it nonetheless.

13 minutes: Scotland They settle with some sterile objects in the middle of the garden. Some Hampden hearts will be in mouths for a second back there; You don’t know for sure until this science pops up.

11 minutes: Parrott is released below the left inner channel. He’s sneaky for miles, but he keeps going, gets into the box, drops his shoulder to put Hendry on his butt, and hits the top right. That’s a great ending, but the science rises predictably and totally right. However, that drove fans away.

Troy Parrott of the Republic of Ireland hit the ball in the net but it was disallowed after the offside flag was raised.
Troy Parrott of the Republic of Ireland hit the ball in the net but it was disallowed after the offside flag was raised. Photo: Russell Cheney/Reuters

9 minutes: England is stepping back, tempting home fans to the tunes of the popular Lightning Seeds song from last year.

8 minutes: Hickey rolls a nice ball down McTominay’s right flank, who is clearly dealing with Dykes and heads towards the penalty area. Not sure what he decided to do next. Shot? Low cross? Either way, it’s an easy dodge for Pazono. Lamer end to a beautiful sweeping motion.

6 minutes: Christie took the first shot in anger, as she advanced into the left inner channel before bouncing speculatively—and frankly weak—wide without damage. Pazono watches her quietly.

5 minutes: This game is played at 101 miles per hour. There is no real form yet.

4 minutes: Hickey tries to release Armstrong on the right but overdos his pass. goal kick. Perhaps the best ball could have opened Ireland.

2 minutes: Ireland sees more of the ball during these very early exchanges. Scotland Shows a desire to pressure.

Ireland roll the ball. Obafemi and Parot immediately turn on the planes, hoping to catch up Scotland the cold. McTominay objects and puts an end to their tone. The visitors are clearly ready for this!

The difference is out! Scotland They dress in dark blue, while Ireland turns orange. Great atmosphere in Hampden. We’ll be out once the jingles are enthusiastically singing, looking at the mime bird, etc.

Stephen Kenny’s role. “The thing about international football is between our last window, when we finished strong in Ukraine, it was 96 days. That’s a long time. We’re excited about this game. We’re ready for it. We set a benchmark against Scotland And in Poland against Ukraine. We respect Scotland, who pulled off a fantastic win in the middle of the week, but we want an equally dynamic performance. Technically, the players can take the ball, and I encourage that and want that. But traditional Irish values ​​are also very important: passion, intensity, and the ability to work for each other and get the ball back.”

Steve Clark speaking to Premier Sports. We want to maintain our momentum. We want to play well. We want to win the match. We want to go to Ukraine with the best possible chance to qualify, which means we have to put in a positive performance tonight. I only play with one striker, so now I’m in the lucky position that I can rotate them a bit. I can use them in all games depending on how I see the situation. We all know what happened in the summer and we want to play better and get a positive result.”

Scotland has four players who book one away from suspension. Scott McTominay, Callum McGregor, Ryan Christie and Che Adams will miss the Ukraine game if they receive a yellow card this evening.

The Republic of Ireland Four players also swing the disciplinary tightrope. Josh Cullen, Callum Robinson, Jeff Hendrick and Alan Brown must be on their best behaviour, or else they will miss out on visiting Armenia in Dublin next week.

Scotland are making two changes to the starting lineup that was named against Ukraine earlier this week. Lyndon Dykes replaces Chee Adams up front, while Aaron Hickey replaces injured Nathan Patterson.

The Republic of Ireland He made four changes to the team that drew 1-1 with Ukraine again in June. Gavin Pazono, John Egan, Matt Doherty and Michael Obafemi take the places of Caoimhin KelleherAnd the Drag Lenihan, Alan Brown and Scott Hogan.

the difference

Scotland: Gordon, Hickey, Hendry, McKenna, Tierney, McTominay, McGregor, Armstrong, McGinn, Christy, Dykes.
Subs: Kelly, McCrory, Gallagher, Taylor, Porteous, Adams, Gilmore, Ralston, Doig, Fraser, Jack, McClain.

Republic of Ireland: Pazono, Doherty, Collins, Egan, Colin, O’Shea, Knight, Molumbi, McClain, Obafemi, Parrott.
Subs: Travers, O’Leary, Coleman, Duffy, Robinson, Hourihan, Hendrik, Brown, Hogan, Ogbini, Brady, Ododa.

Rule: Sandro Schreyer (Switzerland).


last wednesday, Scotland I did this …

…and suddenly, winning Group B1 isn’t just a distant dream. Tonight’s draw against Republic of Ireland It would bring them back to top of the group – Ukraine won 5-0 in Armenia earlier in the afternoon – and another point against the Ukrainians in neutral Poland on Tuesday would seal the deal. But the Republic has issues of its own, still not immune to relegation. A win in Hampden tonight would secure their placement in the second division, making Tuesday’s visit to Armenia an academic. Given the good performance that Scotland played during the week, and the 3-0 hiding in Ireland in June, anything is possible tonight. It could be a cracking device. Kick off at 7.45pm GMT. It’s up!

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