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FARGO – Chris Coast grabbed the microphone as the Fargo-Moorhead RedHawks presented the Miles Wolff Cup to win the American Baseball Championship Thursday night at Newman Outdoor Field.

The RedHawks manager made sure to address the fans who stayed in for the post-game celebration.

“We may not have 5,000 people here, but we have the right people here for every playoff,” Coast said. “Wonderful. Awesome. Help yourselves. … giddy.”

The RedHawks recovered from a five-game deficit after six to score a thrill-packed 9-8 victory over Milwaukee Milkmin in 10 games in a Decisive 5 game in front of 1,236 fans.

An exciting and sometimes electric night on the football field ended with FM winning its first US Soccer Championship.

“The fans wanted the championship as much as us, and that makes it feel like a world championship,” said Coast, who won the world championship with the Philadelphia Phillies in 2008.

The RedHawks won the league championship for the first time since 2010 and sixth overall. The previous five titles came in the Northern League, of which FM was a member from 1996-2010 before moving to the American League in 2011.

The RedHawks trailed 8-3 Thursday night after Milkmen secured a sixth of a six-stroke that looked like a knockout at the time. However, FM returned to the game with the seventh of five runs eventually forced into additional innings.

“It’s unbelievable to win this,” said RedHawks advisor Jeff Pettiger, who has been involved in the franchise as a player, coach or advisor since its first season. “Who came back from 8-3 for 7th in Game 5? We could have replayed that match 100 times and 99 times, (we’re going to lose). I don’t believe in what is meant, but this here is going to give you pause. … I spent emotionally now “.

Coast—who played for the 1998 RedHawks that won their first Northern League Championship—was brimming with emotion in the aftermath of the match. During the regular season, the Fargo South graduate lost some time while dealing with nervous issues in his back and lower body. Coast’s health improved as the season progressed and she was crowned the championship.

“Whatever you put in it, it ends up like this, the feelings get to you and that’s great,” Kosti said. “For every team at any level, that is what you fight for, but to achieve that is still mostly beyond what your emotions can handle. … My feelings had nothing to do with me personally. It was all about how the last year ended, how This year’s team was built and how it all came together throughout the entire season.

“It was all about what this organization was able to build, what the players were able to achieve, and then of course the great game 5, which will go down in the history of the league. I don’t know how you can top a game 5 in this league.”

The RedHawks lost to the Kansas City Monarchs in the championship last season. FM knocked out the Monarchs in the West Division Championship Series this postseason before beating Milwaukee to win the league title. The RedHawks scored 5-0 in this post-season in games they faced elimination. They lost the first game in the three match streak they won, including the championship.

092322.N.FF Redhawks Pina 2

FM Redhax 3rd baseball player Leopaldo Pena beats Milwaukee in the Miles Wolf Baseball Tournament Thursday, September 22, 2022, at Newman Outdoor Field.

Michael Vosberg / Forum

“It was very difficult to win in this environment,” Pettiger said. “To beat Kansas City, that was a formidable hurdle.”

Third baseman Leo Pena – in his fifth season with the RedHawks – proved himself to be the Game 5 champ. His 10th inning RBI single was recorded by veteran second base catcher Christian Correa, leading to a wild celebration on the field and driving the crowd into a frenzy.

Now he’s absolutely awesome, now he’s great at RedHawks all the time,” Bittiger said. “He’s always been an amazing kid.”

Pena was named Player of the Tournament Series, crowning the post-season superstar. Pena hit .347 (17 of 49) with seven doubles, threes and six RBIs in 11 playoffs to go along with the scintillating defense at third base.

Coast said Pena has established himself among the best players in franchise history. The RedHawks’ inaugural season was in 1996.

092322.N.FF Redhawks Beat

The Fargo-Moorhead RedHawks celebrate their defeat against Milwaukee in the Miles Wolff Cup baseball tournament Thursday, September 22, 2022, at Newman Outdoor Field.

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“You can now put Leo Pena in there with (short) Zach Penbrasi and (midfielder) Joe Mattis,” Coast said. “It’s like RedHawk has ever played such an organization.”

Fargo South alumnus Alex Dubord closed the door to the RedHawks Thursday night. The right-handed team made the closest and most potent AAA relief pitcher of the year three no-goals and no-kicks to victory over Milkmen.

“What he’s meant to us over the past two years now, you can’t even count his value,” Coast said of Duboard, who has saved 23 times during the regular season. “He showed it in match five. It’s great he’s a local guy, but even better he’s really good and he’s a great teammate. He’s proven himself as the relief pitcher of the year.”

Dubord said after the fifth game that he would not be removed from the game once he entered the eighth inning.

“I don’t want to be selfish,” Dubord said, “but again this is my hometown and I wanted it more than anything I could imagine.” “So I told (Coast) when I came out, I got the rest of the match, win or lose.”

092322.N.FF Redhawks.win2

The FM Redhawks celebrate their defeat against Milwaukee in the Miles Wolff Cup baseball tournament on Thursday, September 22, 2022, at Newman Outdoor Field.

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092322.N.FF Redhawks

The FM Redhawks rushed onto the field after winning the Miles Wolff Cup baseball championship on Thursday, September 22, 2022, at Newman Outdoor Field.

Michael Vosberg / Forum

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