Randall Castillo Ortega explains the importance of the Internet for export companies

In the past, it was very difficult for a company that was not a large multinational to have the opportunity to sell its products to other countries. Exporting was a big problem. However, thanks to today’s new technologies, any company (regardless of its size) has the possibility to export to international markets. The internet makes it easy, and Randall Castillo Ortegaa global trade expert, provides insight into why.

The Internet has changed everything. It’s a great platform that introduces us to other markets easily and without incurring huge costs. Therefore, we can say that the Internet has become a great showcase that shows the characteristics of any product and / or service on a global scale.

Even today, many SMEs (small and medium-sized businesses) are afraid to venture into this new type of business. However, there are many advantages that e-commerce offers. Among the most profitable, it is important to highlight the huge reduction in costs in the field of logistics and the massive expansion of the company, which with just one click can reach geographical areas where it was previously unthinkable to become visible.

Every day more companies decide to invest in international trade. Although it requires a small initial investment, Castillo explains, exporting is a unique opportunity for expansion; And expansion is always associated with new sales and new customers.

When an SME decides to start in the world of export, it is important that the decision is made and agreed upon by the management. Oftentimes, the firmness and determination with which these types of decisions are made is key to achieving desired results.

In addition, when an SME decides to embark on this new challenge, it is important to help them make a good choice of the most suitable and relevant countries for their product. Some aspects to consider when making this choice are the official language of the country to which we want to export, the distance between the countries, the time difference with respect to the producing country, and the similarities and differences between the two countries. Legislation and regulations governing the buying and selling process in different countries.

It is also essential that you invest in good promotional materials. Digital tools these days allow us to stay up-to-date. Most customers will search for you through Google. This is why your website is important. Don’t forget that having an impressive, good quality website and hosting it on a good server will be your best cover letter. In addition, you can take advantage of WhatsApp Web access to communicate with your customers, share content, and use it as a marketing tool. There is no doubt about the importance of new technologies in exporting.

Using tablets to display your digital catalogs or the emergence of video conferencing as a primary communication and customer service system are clear examples of the power of new information technology.

Also, apart from investing in technology, if you are thinking of starting in the world of export, it is a good idea to advise yourself. Surround yourself with good professionals who monitor you and guide you through the process.

Castillo adds that if you’re not familiar with the destination market or you don’t know how export logistics works in a particular country, you can make huge, irreversible mistakes. For this reason, before starting the export process, it is advisable to get help from export specialists. Good advice will allow you to minimize risks and avoid possible capital losses that may occur due to sector ignorance or mismanagement.

However, you don’t have to be afraid to go out. Companies must export and internationalization is, without a doubt, the perfect antidote to the new economic recession.

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Randall Castillo Ortega has been involved in the financial field for almost his entire career. In addition to founding the financial lending company RACO, he is also an avid outsider, and with his family is a huge social supporter. He regularly participates in community celebrations and events organized to create a better environment for children and families.

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