New measurements of galaxy rotation lean toward modified gravity as an explanation for dark matter

New measurements of galaxy rotation lean toward modified gravity as an explanation for dark matter

Credit score: ESA

Though darkish matter is a necessary a part of the usual cosmological mannequin, it isn’t with out its issues. There are nonetheless nagging mysteries about these objects, not least of which is the truth that scientists have not discovered direct proof for the particles.

Regardless of many searches, we have not discovered but darkish matter particles. So some astronomers desire another, equivalent to modified Newtonian dynamics (MoND), or modified gravity mannequin. A brand new examine of galactic rotation appears to again them up.

The concept of ​​MoND is impressed by the rotation of the galaxy. Many of the seen matter within the galaxy collects within the center, so that you’d anticipate that stars nearer to the middle would have quicker orbital velocities than stars farther away, just like planets in our photo voltaic system. What we discover is that the celebrities in the entire galaxy rotate at roughly the identical velocity. The rotation curve is principally flat moderately than declining. The darkish matter answer is that galaxies are surrounded by a halo of invisible matter, however in 1983 Mordehay Milgrom argued that our gravitational mannequin should be flawed.

New measurements of galaxy rotation lean toward modified gravity as an explanation for dark matter

The rotation curve of a typical spiral galaxy M 33 (yellow and blue dots with error bars) and the curve projected from the seen matter distribution (white line). The discrepancy between the 2 curves is calculated by including a halo of darkish matter surrounding the galaxy. Credit score: Wikipedia

At interstellar distances, the gravitational attraction Primarily Newtonian stars. as an alternative of modification normal relativityMilgrom proposed a modification of Newton’s common legislation of gravitation. He argued that as an alternative of the power of attraction as a pure inverse sq. relationship, gravity has a small residual pull no matter distance. This remnant is simply about 10 trillionths of a G, but it surely is sufficient to clarify the galactic rotation curves.

In fact, simply including a small time period to Newtonian gravity means you additionally should tweak Einstein’s equations as effectively. So MoND has been generalized in varied methods, equivalent to AQUAL, which stands for “quadruple Lagrangian”. Each the AQUAL mannequin and the usual LCDM can clarify the noticed galactic rotation curves, however there are some delicate variations.

That is the place a latest examine is available in. One distinction between AQUAL and LCDM is the rotation velocity of interior orbit stars versus outer orbit stars. For LCDM, each should be topic to texture distribution, so the curve should be clean. AQUAL predicts a small hole within the curve because of the dynamics of the speculation. It is too small to measure in a single galaxy, however statistically there needs to be little shift between the inward and outward velocity distributions.

New measurements of galaxy rotation lean toward modified gravity as an explanation for dark matter

The measured shift between the interior and outer stellate motions. Credit score: Kyu Hyun Chae

So the creator of this paper thought-about high-resolution velocity curves for 152 galaxies as noticed within the Spitzer Photometry and Correct Rotation Curves (SPARC) database. He discovered a shift in settlement with AQUAL. The info seems to help modified gravity over normal darkish matter cosmology.

The result’s thrilling, however not categorically flippant darkish matter. The AQUAL mannequin has its personal issues, equivalent to its inconsistency with the noticed gravitational lensing galaxies. Nevertheless it’s a victory for the underdog concept, which has some astronomers exclaiming “Vive le MoND!”

Analysis printed on arXiv Prepress server.

extra info:
Kyu-Hyun Chae, Discerning Darkish Matter, Modified Gravity, and Modified Inertia with the Interior and Outer Components of the Galactic Rotation Curves, arXiv (2022). DOI: 10.48550/arxiv.2207.11069

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