NBA trade rumors: Lakers want Bojan Bogdanovic, Jordan Clarkson and Malik Paisley from Jazz

The Los Angeles Lakers spent most of the summer (in vain) Try to trade with Russell WestbrookAnd, with a training camp only 10 days away, it looks like they’re not going to get anything done on that front at the very least. But with their trade options dwindling and the time to make a move without losing precious camp time, the active streams Utah Jazz It remains one of the last permanent dump places, which seems viable for the highest-paid and least-desired players on the team.

The (lukewarm) good news for the Lakers, as they try to sort out Suddenly more heavy guard list? It appears Utah remains open to a deal, given that both sides have been talking to each other, according to the latest reports from Jovan Poha Medal Amic from the athlete (focus on me):

In recent conversations with the Jazz, the Lakers have targeted [Bojan] According to the league’s sources, Bogdanovich, Jordan Clarkson and Malik Paisley. The Lakers’ desire to relegate PacersThe Buddy Hield has also been well dated, with the former Kings’ Guard nearly making its way down the trade route last summer. The 29-year-old three-point specialist has been a focal point in the Lakers’ off-season talks with Indiana as well – along with Miles Turner – but no agreement is expected on that front.

A deal with Indiana that looks unlikely isn’t a huge shock at this point, given how little noise has been on that front in recent weeks.

But the team’s interest in Bogdanovic also makes sense, as he’s a 6’8 striker and a 39.2% three-point shooter. With that size and potential, he was filling a void in the wing where the Lakers are currently so skinny that Austin Reeves (who was generously Listed at 6’5, 206 lbs. last season) is their back-up small forward:


As for Clarkson, both are A Klutch Sports Client And the former LakerThis team checks the boxes Generally trying to find it in its additions. He would also provide some additional goals for the team, though it’s unclear how much more they need from guards, even assuming Westbrook heads to Utah for him.

When discussing any possible addition to Paisley, it should be noted that he pleaded guilty following the 2020 incident in which he “allegedly aimed a gun at a couple and their teenage daughter in an SUV outside his home in Plymouth, where there is a large stockpile of police seized marijuana and other guns, ” to me Minneapolis Star Tribune.

There is no easy way to go from this acknowledgment, but there is also, Reasons for gossip His addition could be embarrassing in the locker room for Lakers two-way Scottie Pippen Jr., for whatever it’s worth.

All of this means that in general, even if it’s just basketball, this trade package will be incomplete. However, the Lakers cross the point in the summer – and in their relationship with Westbrook, and in his value as an NBA player – where the perfect options are available.

But does this deal deserve both of their first-round picks for 2027 and 2029? I would definitely argue no, and certainly not in a vacuum. However, given that Utah He reportedly just wants to make a deal with the Lakers that gets them to pick both, it may also be the team’s only option if it wants to get out of Westbrook before training camp. So we’ll see what happens in the coming days and weeks and whether either side is willing to budge.

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