Link texting to Favre, luxury money, volleyball facility

JACKSON, Miss (AP) — The governor of Mississippi in 2017 was “on board” with a plan for a nonprofit group to pay Brett Favre more than $1 million in welfare grant money so the retired NFL quarterback could help with Funding a university volleyball facility, according to text messages between Favre and the director of the nonprofit.

Court documents filed Monday by a Mississippi Community Education Center attorney contain text messages between Favre and the center’s executive director, Nancy New, that include references to Republican Governor Phil Bryant, who left office in 2020.

Nancy New and her son, Zachary New, who helped run the nonprofit, pleaded guilty in April to charges of misappropriating welfare money that was intended to help some of the country’s poorest people. They are awaiting sentencing and have agreed to testify against others in the largest public corruption case in Mississippi in decades.

In May, the Mississippi Department of Human Services filed a civil lawsuit against Favre, three former professional wrestlers, and several other people and companies in an effort to recover millions of lost social dollars. The lawsuit said the defendants “wasted” more than $20 million from the Temporary Assistance Program for Needy Families to Fight Poverty.

In pleading guilty, Nancy and Zachary New pleaded guilty to co-spending $4 million in welfare money for a volleyball facility at the University of Southern Mississippi.

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