‘Keep Him Out’ – Bubba Wallace, Rory McIlroy & Colin Kaepernick in Same ‘Wake Up’ Arc Calls for Backlash

Political commentator and author Nick Adams is back with a new episode of the Hate Comments series. And this time, Donald Trump’s favorite author attacked athletes in various sports. But as usual, his shout-out to NASCAR’s Bubba Wallace continues to make his tweets look sweet.

Nick Adams has repeatedly attacked 23XI’s Bubba Wallace on social media. Since his first attack in 2020, and his criticism of Wallace for publishing a ‘hoax’, Adams has been determined to bring down Wallace on every possible occasion. Recently, he expressed no desire for it Opinion On Wallace driving #45.


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And then, in one of his Tweets, announced that Bubba Wallace had destroyed NASCAR. But now, it seems that it’s not just Wallace but a certain class of athletes that annoys Adams. In his latest tweet, the Australian-born and Donald Trump-funded author said: “Professional sports should not be woken up.”

He also mentioned athletes such as Colin Kaepernick, LeBron James, Rory McIlroy, Bubba Wallace and Gabe Kapler. They said they sabotaged their private sports. But his comments on professional players angered the fans. After finding it just below the belt, fans enlightened Adams about how his tweet was wrong on so many levels.

This isn’t the first time fans have decided to educate Nick Adams. However, it seems that the “bestselling” author does not want to respect the views of fans. Adams’ unexplained remarks keep pouring in, and he has been hit with backlash multiple times.

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from two months

His hatred of Bubba Wallace is particularly evident. On several occasions, fans called him out for his biased remarks against Wallace.

Why does Nick Adams hate Bubba Wallace?

In June 2020, the gallows was have found hanging in Bubba Wallace Talladega Superspeedway garage. And then, news circulated about it being a hoax. Donald Trump, who was the US president at the time, also criticized Wallace on social media.

Since then, Nick Adams, who calls himself Donald Trump’s favorite author, has continued to target Wallace. In his tweet posted on May 30, 2022, Adams described Wallace as an “untalented driver”. While, on another occasion, it was mentioned that the 23XI driver was responsible for destroying NASCAR.


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However, it’s always great to see Bubba Wallace and NASCAR fans jump to defend their favorite athlete. Twitter users are constantly trying to remind Adams that his spam comments are no good.

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