Kawakami: Warriors’ Bob Myers on keeping this group together, menu plans and more

They haven’t disbanded the band yet. They are not even thinking About breaking up the band right now. They are still loaded with cash, banners, trophies, talents and the Warriors You want to stay that way for light years more than you can count.

Sure, Warriors have some tough financial decisions ahead. Sure, there was a bit of a luxury tax crisis in free agency, when Gary Payton II And the Otto Porter Jr. Leave for deals richer than warriors can afford. From owner Joe Lacob Below, the Warriors’ decision-makers have spent a significant amount of time and energy on this casual season letting everyone know there are limits to all spending.

But team boss/general manager Bob Myers made it clear during an appearance on my podcast earlier this week that this doesn’t mean the team isn’t interested in trying to negotiate a rich contract extension for players who were essential while driving into the final tournament after the season. And it could be even more important in the coming seasons – Jordan Paul And the Andrew Wiggins. And although I only mentioned Wiggins and Paul in my question, Myers highlighted it clearly Draymond Green As part of this extension discussion as well.

All three can gain access to free agency after the next season; If there is no extension, Wiggins will become an unrestricted free agent in July, Paul will be a restricted free agent, and Draymond has a 2023-24 player option he can turn down, which would allow him to strike an unrestricted free agent himself next July. Paul is the only one with an urgent deadline; Due to the novice extension rules, if there is no extension signed by October 17th, it will reach free restricted agency in July.

“I think with both these guys and Draymond, the target, we want all three as long as we can get them,” Myers said. “We’ve had conversations with the three players, their reps. I won’t go into the possibility or not of any of them getting done. But we know how important it is. … I don’t know we won a championship last year if I took away any of them. Draymond, his pedigree here, will go down as one of the best. Warriors who wear uniforms at all.

“So we know the value of all these guys. It’s too early to say what will or won’t happen. But the goal is to keep these three guys, for as long as we can. But then again, there are financial components.”

Well, let’s focus on Draymond, because I didn’t involve him in the initial conversation because I assumed the Warriors would put his position on the back, especially compared to Wiggins and Poole. I am resetting this situation after speaking to Myers.

Draymond’s salary for next season is $25.8 million, and he has a player option for 2023-24 at $27.6 million. His maximum possible extension this summer would be $138.4 million over four years – if he opts out of his current 2023-24 contract. If You Count On Potential Long-Term Trades For Wiggins And Poole (A Huge Profit) And Find Out Stephen Curry And the Klay Thompson Already in huge numbers, Draymond has always been seen as the tent warrior who might not be here for his entire career.

But when I asked Myers specifically if the team thought Draymond might have to be phased out in the future, Myers’ reaction was immediate and somewhat incisive.

“No, no, I would say unequivocally (he) is not a man to look at and say he would not be,” Myers said. “Now, at some point, decisions have to be made. But as to his importance to this organization and what he has done, we will do our best to keep him in the fold.

“We don’t make those decisions definitively, this guy is going to be here, this guy isn’t.” We don’t. Because now we don’t make those decisions today. So everything is on the table. And you really have to, on my site, do your best and you owe it to the fans and the organisation, to the players who helped in the way all of these guys have helped…

“Draymond, surely it’s obvious to anyone what he’s done for us. I can never just sit here and say, ‘Well, he won’t be around.’ I can’t even get the words out of my mouth.”

This is of course not an outright announcement that the Warriors will be extending any of the three players anytime soon. Warriors salaries are about $380 million now; Barring any major salary cuts elsewhere, Paul’s extension next season (adding tax penalties) will likely take them well over $400 million for 2023-24, to an area where Lacope told me “wasn’t even remotely possible.” “.

So I don’t know how the Warriors will work on the future accounting if they add the Wiggins and Draymond extensions as well. Well, it’s not up to me. But Myers rarely says things at random, especially when it comes to important players. And his comments about Draymond (and Wiggins and Poole) now make me believe they have no plans to part with a major player, which means Myers and his front office probably have an idea of ​​how to actually do it.

Warriors love to win. They make huge amounts of money largely because winning makes Chase Center the right place. Having Draymond, Wiggins and Poole for so many years will almost certainly help them win so much more. And the Warriors may have come up with a way in which they can do all this, and just hearing Myers think about it makes me think that Wiggins and/or Paul and/or Draymond might be more likely to go down in the next few weeks or months than I initially thought .

Here are some other highlights from our conversation:

• While Myers adhered to anti-fraud rules and refused to discuss whether the Warriors had considered the idea of ​​trading in favor of Kevin Durant This or actually I talked to Networks About it (before Durant canceled his trade order), Myers said he’s happy about it Carrie recently told Rolling Stone How much do you enjoy playing with Durant? Curry also told the magazine that there was an internal discussion in the team about considering the Durant acquisition, but again, that’s not something Myers can address without breaking the rules. (And trading with Durant was basically impossible, anyway.)

“I love the fact that Steve has shown that he has a good relationship with Kevin,” Myers said. “I think a lot of times, rumors have been believed that they weren’t close or maybe they didn’t have a great relationship while he was here. I’m glad Steve came out and said he’d love to play with Kevin. He loves the player and he loves the guy. I really love hearing that.”

“Because sometimes narratives are given… I think a lot of (people) read that and said, ‘Wow, he’d really like to play with him.'” I enjoyed playing with him. There was a story who the team was and people were jealous. I’m glad Steve put that number in perspective.

“Look, these guys, and you (also) refer to Draymond and Klay, they love to win. And so they always chase that no matter what it looks like.”

Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant

“I love the fact that Steve has shown that he has a good relationship with Kevin (Durant),” Bob Myers said of Carrey’s recent interview with Rolling Stone. (Kyle Terada/USA Today)

• With the opening of the training camp on September 24, the Warriors are waiting to see if Andre Iguodala wants to return for another season. While they give him all the space he needs to make the call, Myers said the team needs to find out relatively soon because some roster decisions have to be made.

“Yeah, we’re getting close to that point,” Myers said. “I don’t know what he’s going to do. I hope he plays with us. … I really think he’s important for our season. Andre is one of those guys, he has great respect for him, he has such a great presence. He’s one of the few people in the world who can look at Cary or Draymond.” Or Clay in their eye and meet them at their level, but also grab Jordan Paul or (James) Wiseman or (Jonathan) Cominga and talk to them and cheer them up. There’s no one else in the league who can do that for our team. And we think he can still play and help us in certain places.

“We really want him back. It’s not like charity, it’s not like, you know, ‘We can’t.’ Not Say yes to Andre because he won trophies. We chased after him more than he chased us. But we also left him that grace to allow him to make a decision on his own. Because he won that too. I have played in NBA Long enough, he knows what it is, and he played in our sorority. If he wants to come back, we’d love to have him with him, and if he doesn’t, I’m sure he has a thousand things he can do. …

“It is unmistakable in the organization. There is no man who does not want him so much. So we hope that he will return. You are right, the time has come to make a decision. But you do not pay Andrei Iguodala, I will tell you. “

• Myers reiterated that the Warriors plan to keep 14 players on the regular season roster, one below the 15 cap. Of course, the Warriors planned to go with just 14 players last season and then decided at the end of camp to add Payton, which turned out to be quite wise.

“We did it last year, and we paid $12 million (fines count) to get Payton, and thank God it worked,” Myers said. “I don’t want, in my turn, to stare at Malik and say we added[the 15th player]and it cost us $12 million and we fell short. So in financial terms, what I heard kind of quietly said: We’d better win the championship if we had that kind of payroll. Thank God what happened.

“I think we’d like to stay at 14 except for someone who just grabs it. But we said the same thing last year…Payton came and took that job and put us where he’d force our hand to add him to our list. If someone did that, you know, (Lacobe), he wants to win. But I don’t see it. I actually hope it doesn’t happen because it’s just another big chunk at the top of a very big payroll.”

• Junior Patrick Baldwin Jr. And the Ryan RollinsMyers, who both missed the summer league with minor injuries, said they are in good health and should be ready for training camp.

“Patrick has been playing and doing pickups (at Chase Center) for the past few weeks,” Myers said. “Ryan is about to start.”

• This was the first full, healthy season in Weizmann’s youth career in the NBA, and although the Warriors have recently tempered public expectations for him after the two largely lost seasons, it’s clear that the Warriors love what they see as the 21-year-old’s position heading into the camp.

“I think the most encouraging thing is that since the summer league, every day is getting a little bit better,” Myers said. “Like pickup today, it’s better this week than last. Better than the week before that. Better than the summer league. It’s constantly improving, which is really encouraging, on the little things like spatial awareness, edge protection, and in the finishing touches, pick selection, And read the snapshots.He’s playing some pickup with Paul and watching these two work together, maybe he can get a potential 2nd unit type of offense (going).I’m really encouraged.This is the first time we’ve organizationally been able to see him build consistently without an injury. …

“I feel good about him. Mostly because he put all the work into it. This isn’t an organization that talks; no one would believe me, anyway. But I really think he’s done a great job over the last month, even last summer league. …I’m excited about what he can do.” “.

Will the Warriors pick Wiseman’s fourth-year option for 2023-24 before the deadline this fall?

“Right now, it seems like a good idea to do that,” Myers said. “I don’t understand why we wouldn’t do it, if he’s healthy. The most important thing about that is health. He seems to be playing well. There is no reason to believe that it won’t happen, in my opinion.”

• Myers in a moment in the pivotal hours after the Warriors lost their Final 3 game in Boston, going down 2-1:

“When we lost 2-1, someone said, and respectfully, it wasn’t out of arrogance or anything, they said, ‘I think we can win the next three games. And a lot of guys say things, some brag, and some talk about them. When these three guys and even Andrei say things like that, you have to believe them. Because they got the right to say things like that. … But more than one person said “I think we can win the next three matches.”

Which of course is exactly what happened. I’ve been talked into existence by a bunch of guys saying what they mean and what’s out there to try and win trophies for years to come.

(Top image: Joe Murphy/NBAE via Getty Images)

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