In 2022, Apple filed three distinct patents covering a modular design MacBook and/or next-generation iPad accessories

In 2022, Apple filed three distinct patents representing a single undertaking for the iPad. Clearly, Apple engineers work on several types of {hardware} that Apple executives can select from for a ultimate product. On February 3, Apple vividly printed two of the three innovations.

Within the first invention, Apple launched a modular system the place customers may select a conventional keyboard or secondary artist show to make use of with the Apple Pencil, to make use of in different sport console interfaces, or to make use of as a DJ or mini gadget. piano keyboard and many others.

2 Devices similar to a standard MacBook iPad

For extra info on this invention, see our report, New Apple Patent Unveils Pleasure A extremely configurable MacBook-like computing system. In photograph #106 above, we see a contact floor show part that may double as an iPad for leisurely studying. There are a number of graphics on this report that present the numerous totally different configurations Apple envisions.

In Apple’s second invention, we see how this model permits the display to be positioned in two instructions, face out and in. When dealing with the display and closed, the display will act like an iPad with the keyboard keys positioned on the again of the display in order that the again sits flat on the consumer and never on the keyboard as is commonly the case. 2-in-1 laptops do this.

3 xx secondary patents for iPad accessory

As proven within the determine. 7C under, magnetic ingredient #780b could transfer between first place #781a and second place #781b.

4 digits patented XX Apple iPad accessory

Within the patented Apple FIG. 3A above, we see that the hinge could present an interface and/or in 4A the hinge can magnetically help an Apple Pencil; in fig. 8A and 8B see that the hinge can present a communication interface that helps the addition of different equipment equivalent to a digicam, projector, microphone or mild. For extra info on this invention, see our report, Apple Recordsdata for Patent Protection Articulating keyboard accent for iPad supplies a laptop computer really feel tremendous versatile. “

The US Patent and Trademark Workplace yesterday printed its third invention as regards to next-generation iPad equipment. On this model, Apple notes that the accent may present a soft-touch digital keyboard that’s not exhausting on the consumer’s fingers. Figs. Determine 2 under reveals a perspective view of a pc and an enter gadget;

Extra particularly, in FIG. 2, Computing System #202 is organized with Touchscreen #210 the place the consumer can view the touchscreen whereas additionally with the ability to view and work together with Keyboard #212 in a standard, laptop-like orientation. In embodiments the place the enter gadget #204 is mixed with a stand or help for the computing gadget, the enter gadget will be organized to be configurable within the relative place proven within the determine. 2 whereas the computing gadget can be organized within the relative place proven within the determine. 2.

5 xx apple figs patent a new iPad accessory

Apple patented FIG. Determine 3 above reveals an exploded aspect view of the determine meeting. 2; Figs. Determine 6 under reveals a segmented perspective view of a rendering of a pc and an enter gadget.

(Click on on the picture to enlarge it) 6 patented iPad accessory

Within the third model of this invention for Apple, they added 20 new technical factors to raised defend the patent. Listed here are 12 of the most important new claims:

  • Laptop and digital accent equipment, consisting of: digital accent with hooked up gadget and hooked up gadget together with magnet; A pc consisting of: a housing with a show; Coupling part that may be hooked up to the digital accent via the magnets of the hooked up gadget; and a sensor configured to detect the presence of an digital accent and trigger the computing gadget to execute program directions saved within the reminiscence gadget in response to the detection of the digital accent.
  • … the place the connecting part consists of magnetically engaging components.
  • … the place this system’s directions embody directions for altering the consumer interface that the show display shows.
  • … the place program directions change the visible configuration of the show.
  • … the place {an electrical} connection is established between the computing gadget and the digital accent in response to the connection of the digital accent to the computing gadget.
  • … the place the attachment gadget is configured to orient the digital accent in relation to the computing gadget.
  • … the place the digital accent consists of a pc case or pc cowl.
  • … the place the digital accent is configured to connect removablely to the again floor of the computing gadget.
  • Digital gadget, consisting of: a housing consisting of an digital show; Attachment interface configured to connect the digital gadget to the accent on a detachable foundation; A sensor configured to detect the presence of the accent; A processor and reminiscence gadget that has executable directions coded on it, during which the directions, when executed by the processor, trigger the processor to change the consumer interface of the digital show in response to detection of the accent.
  • Digital gadget and accent equipment, consisting of: an digital accent comprising a magnetic mounting gadget; An digital gadget consisting of: a shell; show a topic in housing; and a coupling part that may be hooked up to the magnetic fastener; The connection part and the attachment gadget are configured to information and keep alignment between the accent and the digital gadget.
  • Compilation of Declare 18, whereby the consumer interface offered by the show of the digital gadget is configured to be modified in response to sensor detection of the digital accent.
  • Compilation of Declare #19, the place a software program setting for the digital gadget is configured to be modified based mostly on the situation of the digital accent on the digital gadget.

For extra particulars, see Apple Patent Utility US 20220413633 A1.

It will be nice to see Apple attempt to shake issues up within the iPad area over the subsequent yr or so, and it might be thrilling to see a handful of patented options in 2022.

Apple inventors

  • Terry Van Osdal: {Hardware} Engineer, iPad Group
  • Adam Garelli: Senior Product Design Architect, Core Integration Structure
  • Senem Ezgi Emgin: HW + SW Prototyping Engineer
  • Artwork Clarke: Director of ML Developer Expertise Product Administration and AIML Privateness Champion. Clarke notes: “We’re constructing the AI/ML platform that Apple builders use to ship superb consumer experiences with industry-leading privateness commitments to their customers.

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