Ilya Samsonov: review of the 2021-22 season

Ilya Samsonov is still the goalkeeper for the Washington Capitals.

Visualization by HockeyViz

About this visualization: This series of infographics was prepared by Micah Blake McCurdy at It displays a lot of information to the player during the season. Brief description of each graph:

  • Ice time for each game, broken down by game state
  • Adjusted 5-on-5 shot attempts by team (black) and opponents (red)
  • 5 out of 5 shot ratio by team (black) and opponents (red)

Fan happiness survey

On this perception: Three times during the season, RMNB shared an open poll with fans, asking each player the following question:

On a scale of 1 to 5, how happy are you to have this player on the team?

1 means he’s not very satisfied with her inclusion in the team
2 means unhappy
3 Means “Neither Happy nor Unhappy”
4 means HAPPY
5 means it’s a pleasure to be on the team

The numbers above show the average player scores in each survey period.

take Peter

I want to start at the end. Ilya Samsonov finished his year off right, with a solid run against the Florida Panthers, saving one better-than-expected goal, including 15 stoppages from 15 shots during 26 minutes of Florida’s dismal play. It wasn’t Samsonov who eliminated the capitals, and I think that’s a pleasant surprise considering where we came from.

Where we come from is bad. I have finished The story of Samsonov vs. Vanessk For over a year, but the boredom persisted even after I got out.

Above are all the regular season games over the past two seasons. Lines above the horizon mean the goalkeeper saves better than expected and below means worse. These 4 minus red games are almost unwinnable, and you can see how there aren’t many positive red lines to offset.

I am skeptical about how some analysts describe goalkeepers as confident. “It tracks the disc well, and it has quick lateral movements.” Certainly, I think. compared to something or whatever. But that’s one dimension where I think the poets have it right: Samsonov is a throwback factory.

Top left here means Samsonov saw few shots, but lots of rebounds. The rebounds to shots ratio is 14.3 percent, behind only Kwik and Bobrovsky. I do not know if this is the main reason why Samsonov is not distinguished from himself, but it is at least one of the reasons.

Honestly, Samsonov is one of Washington’s two mediocre goalkeepers, and “medium” can be a very nice adjective.

In Japers Rink, Samsonov’s experience has been likened to a rollercoaster, a ride we all want. Except that the Capitals have Samsonov’s exclusivity as he is a restricted free agent, which means we’ll likely see more of the man in the red hats, and we’ll continue to hold out hope that he’ll become a good NHL goalkeeper.

According to Orson Welles

Sami on RMNB

Your turn

Are you excited for another season of Will-or-Not-Not-to-Be with Samsonov?

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