How to use one dumbbell in a full body workout

Editor’s observe: Dana Santas, higher generally known as “Navigation maker,” is a licensed energy and conditioning specialist and mind-body coach in skilled sports activities, and is the creator of “Sensible Options for Again Ache Reduction.”


While you consider exercising with dumbbells, you most likely think about utilizing a set of two, one in every hand. There are lots of workout routines you are able to do with two dumbbells, however as a energy and conditioning coach, I can inform you that there are simply as many — if no more — you are able to do with only one. In truth, you’ll be able to successfully practice your total physique with a single dumbbell in about 10 minutes.

Under, I’ve outlined 5 workout routines you are able to do in sequence to strengthen your legs, hips, arms, shoulders, and core. Learn the detailed descriptions of every train to study in regards to the cues and any modifications wanted, subsequent Comply with together with me within the video above Whereas I take you thru each exercise.

It is necessary that you just select a manageable weight so as to carry out all repetitions effectively. This implies avoiding shifting your physique in ways in which compensate for muscle fatigue or weak spot within the space you are attempting to work, resembling doing biceps curls whereas swinging your again whereas lifting a weight with a push out of your again muscle mass.

Compensations can result in damage, so that you need to keep away from that! To study extra about choosing the proper weight, watch this video.

If you’re new to exercising or are again after a break, you should definitely calm down once more. Try my collection On how you can restart your exercise for a protected and efficient path again to health Make coaching an fulfilling a part of your life-style.

Essential observe: Earlier than beginning any new train program, seek the advice of your doctor. Cease instantly when you really feel ache.

Do eight to 10 repetitions of every train on both sides of your physique except in any other case indicated for workout routines that don’t alternate sides. Whereas doing the train, attempt respiration by way of your nostril and both by way of your mouth or nostrils – no matter is most comfy for you.

Respiration by way of your nostril will present probably the most oxygen and increase your endurance.

You possibly can study extra about efficient respiration methods right here Watch this video And Learn this collection To breathe higher.

Stand together with your toes hip-width aside. Maintain a dumbbell in each fingers at chest stage, with every hand hugging one finish of the burden.

Angle your toes barely outward, opening your hips at an angle that is comfy so that you can squat.

Angle your feet slightly outward to open your hips at a comfortable angle for you to squat.

Inhale after which maintain inhale as you squat all the way down to a stage the place your hips are aligned barely beneath your knees (if this isn’t doable, see modification beneath).

Exhale as you push off your toes and return to a standing place.

Attempt to preserve your weight evenly distributed by way of your toes, legs, and thighs.

How one can modify: If a deep squat is troublesome, use a low chair or sturdy field as a base for squatting and squatting gently with every rep.

Maintain a dumbbell in your proper hand by your facet whereas standing in your left leg.

Inhale after which maintain the inhale as you cease on the hips to bend midway as you prolong your proper leg behind you in order that your chest and again leg kind an extended line parallel to the ground.

Maintain a soft bend in both legs if the back of your leg is too tight to straighten either or both legs.

Stabilizing your standing leg, exhale whereas utilizing your hips and torso to deliver your physique again to an upright standing place.

Repeat on the alternative facet.

How one can modify: If the again of your leg is just too tight to straighten both or each legs, keep a delicate bend in each legs. To assist with steadiness, you are able to do this with out weight whereas holding on to the facet of a wall.

Get right into a plank place together with your toes barely wider than hip-width aside to assist steadiness the burden and motion as you elevate the dumbbells to create a single-arm rowing movement.

Maintain the dumbbell on the ground together with your proper hand. Exhale as you elevate the burden by bending your elbow and hugging it in opposition to your ribcage in a rowing movement.

Inhale as you straighten your arm and convey the burden again to the ground whereas nonetheless holding it in your hand.

Keep your feet slightly hip-width apart to help balance the weight and movement when lifting the dumbbells.

Settle by way of your core to keep away from arching your decrease again.

Repeat the workout routines on the appropriate facet earlier than switching to the left facet.

How one can modify: Carry out this train from a fundamental fingers and knees place the place you might be in a four-legged place.

Stand with a dumbbell in your proper hand, raised to shoulder peak, resting evenly in your shoulder in what’s referred to as a “rack” place.

Place your left hand in your hip and step your left leg sideways to the left, together with your left leg bent like a half-squat and your proper leg straight.

Each toes proceed to level straight ahead as you push off your left leg and return to a standing place.

Then, press the dumbbells above your head and return them to a rack place over your shoulder.

Do all of your reps on one side before switching dumbbells to the opposite hand.

Every repetition takes two breaths: inhale from standing, holding the inhale as you carry out a lateral lunge, then exhale as you push again as much as standing. Inhale once more as you stand, then exhale as you push the burden over your head.

Do all your reps on one facet earlier than switching dumbbells to the alternative hand and a lateral lunge on the opposite facet.

How one can modify: If the strain over the pinnacle is an excessive amount of, you’ll be able to shake it off.

Sit on the ground together with your knees bent, touching collectively, and your toes flat on the ground, too.

Maintain a weight on every finish, at your chest, as you probably did the squat.

Exhale and twist to the appropriate, reducing your arms to make the burden contact the ground on the facet of your physique.

Inhale again to heart, then exhale and repeat to the left facet.

Try to keep your knees and feet together when doing curls and push-ups.

Attempt to preserve your knees pressed collectively all through the whole set of workout routines to assist stabilize your hips and torso so that you just rotate from the center of your again — not your decrease again.

Because you’re alternating the motion facet to facet, as an alternative of doing two units of 8 to 10 reps on both sides, you may do an alternating set of 16 to twenty reps.

How one can modify: If it is too exhausting to maintain your knees collectively, press them between them on a folded towel or yoga block.

If a single dumbbell is just too heavy for this train now, do not use it till you get stronger; As a substitute, clench your fingers right into a double fist which you can faucet on the ground as you rotate.

Relying in your present health stage and the way these workout routines really feel, one spherical of this sequence ought to take about eight to 12 minutes to finish. By no means rush: at all times deal with kind. For finest outcomes, repeat this circuit two to a few occasions per exercise, two to a few occasions per week.

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