Fantasy Football 2022 idle – Who goes in and who goes out?

Who should start? Who are you sitting for? To help you set your own fantasy football squads and avoid starting a player who won’t be in the squad, we’ll post fantasy-related updates and analysis here as NFL teams release their official inactive rosters, usually 90 minutes before kick-off. Any ratings mentioned in this column come from the ranks of the ESPN Fantasy crew.

The official idle on Sunday should begin to arrive approximately 90 minutes before scheduled kickoff times, including around 11:30 a.m. ET for early games and 2:30 p.m. ET for late games.

Update often to get the latest information.

4 p.m. EST

a crime

Andy Isabellaand WR and ARI: behind — Outside
Effect: Greg DorchFirst week surprise, you get another chance to try more goals.

Rondell Morand WR and ARI: hamstrings – Outside
Effect: Marquis Brown You should get more attention from Keeler Murray.

Damian WilliamsRB, ATL: ribs — out / IR
Effect: beginner tyler limeinactive for the first week, may stand a chance of progression.

T. Higginsand WR and CIN: concussion — Doubtful
Impact: He is expected to be cleared of league concussion protocol before Sunday’s game.

Duck PrescottQB, DAL: thumb — Outside
Effect: to contact Cooper Rush The reduction in the midfielder is a huge understatement.

Michael GallupWR, DAL: knee — Outside
Effect: Noah Brown It will be a flexible and risky play, given the QB mode.

KJ HumlerWR, DEN: knee — Outside
Effect: Terry Cleveland He did very little in a subsidiary role of Hamler in the first week.

Van JeffersonWR, LAR: knee — Outside
Effect: Allen Robinson II And the Ben Skoronic You keep getting valuable little bumps.

Brandon BoldenRB, LV: hamstrings – Doubtful
Effect: Amir Abdullah And the Zamir White She could become more involved in the third landing.

George KeitelTE, SF: inguinal – Inactive
Impact: This decision seems inevitable, so we certainly hope you have another option available. Can Tyler Croft?


JJ WattDear I: hurry — Doubtful

Galen Thompsonand S and ARI: toe — Doubtful

Jayron KerrS, DAL: knee — Outside

D. Shaun WilliamsDE, DEN: behind — Doubtful

Randy GregoryLB, DEN: shoulder — Doubtful

Josie JewellLB, DEN: hurry — Doubtful

Kwan WilliamsCB, DEN: wrist — Doubtful

Leonard FloydLB, LAR: knee — Energetic

Denzel BerrymanLB, LV: ankle — Outside

Tryvon MohrigS, LV: loin — Outside

Justin ColemanCB, SEA: hurry — Inactive

Sunday night game

Philos Jones Jr.. , WR, CHI: hamstrings – Doubtful
Effect: Byron Pringle And the Equimus Saint Brown He will compete for whatever goals may have gone his way.

Allen Lazardand WR and GB: ankle — Doubtful
Impact: It’s not an obvious call and he’s currently expected to play it, but you might be better served by starting someone else this week.

1 p.m. EST

a crime

JK DobbinsRB, BAL: knee — Inactive
The effect: Crows have no reason to risk a potential long-term injury here. Kenyan Drake Benefits.

She SmithWR, CAR: inguinal – Energetic
Effect: Terrace Marshall Jr. Ready to challenge him for WR3 shots. Lavisca Shino Jr.. He is again healthy inactive.

Dandrey SwiftRB, DET: ankle — Energetic
Effect: If there is any problem at all during the game, Jamal Williams You will definitely get additional shots.

Michael Bateman Jr.., WR, IND: Quad – Outside
Effect: expect Paris Campbell To get more playing time.

Alec PierceWR, IND: concussion — Outside
Effect: Kaelyn Granson He was targeted a lot last week and can see additional appearances again.

Cedric Wilson Jr.. , WR, MIA: toe — Energetic
The effect: He got some training at the end of the week, so there is optimism that he can play for the full 60 minutes.

Pierre Strong Jr.. , RB, NE: shoulder — Energetic
Impact: Strength can be a factor in the third dips, given that T Montgomery Now on IR.

James Winstonqb, no: behind — Energetic
The effect: Because of all the injuries to this back field, though he’s going to start, we’re avoiding Winston in the second week.

Alvin CamaraRB, no: ribs — Inactive
Impact: Deprivation from practices was not an entirely good sign. Hopefully it’s good to go in the third week.

Mark Ingram IIRB, no: ankle — Energetic
Impact: Ingram saw at least a few actors this week. He must be ready to step into the Camara’s shoes.

Dwayne WashingtonRB, no: hamstrings – Energetic
Impact: May have to share any remaining touches with him Tony Jones Jr..

Tre’Quan SmithWR, NO: shoulder — Inactive
Effect: beginner Chris Olaf He’s already surpassed it on the WR depth chart.

Wandell Robinsonand WR and NYG: knee — Outside
Effect: with injury to the novice, Ritchie James can join again Kenny Goladay And the sterling shepherd In some 3-WR combinations.

Kadarius Tonyand WR and NYG: hamstrings – Energetic
Effect: Fortunately, he is actually able to help the receiving end of things.

Zach WilsonQB, NYJ: knee — Outside
Impact: Veteran Joe Flacco You will get another chance to postpone Mike White As a short-term Wilson alternative.

CJ OzumaTE, NYJ: hamstrings – Inactive
Effect: Tyler Conklin The flowing mixture enters the TE position.

Leonard FortniteRB, TB: hamstrings – Energetic
The effect: After being able to train twice late in the week, we weren’t surprised to see Fortnite fit in.

Chris Goodwinand WR and TB: hamstrings – Outside
The effect: Goodwin may be out for several weeks due to this injury.

Julio Jonesand WR and TB: knee — Inactive
Impact: He missed two practices this week and clearly wasn’t ready for this.

Mike Evansand WR and TB: hurry — Energetic
Impact: She was injured Wednesday, but was able to train on Friday. With Jones and Goodwin out, he’ll be very much counted on.

Prishad Berrymanand WR and TB: knee — Energetic
Impact: With all the other WR injuries around him, he might be a week two factor.

Russell Gigand WR and TB: hamstrings – Energetic
The effect: As with Perriman, anyone who can dress up as a pirate today has a chance to shine.


Marcus PetersCB, BAL: knee — Energetic

Marlon HumphreyCB, BAL: inguinal – Energetic

Amani OroriaCB, DET: behind — Inactive

DeForest BucknerDT, IND: loin — Energetic

Shaquille LeonardLB, IND: behind — Outside

Kenny Moore IICB, IND: loin — Energetic

Christian WilkinsDE, MIA: behind — Energetic

Rickon MacmillanLB, NE: thumb — Energetic

Kayvon ThibodeauLB, NYG: knee — Inactive

Aaron RobinsonCB, NYG: trailing — Outside

John Franklin MyersDE, NYJ: toe — Energetic

Jordan WhiteheadS, NYJ: ankle — Energetic

Camryn Curls, was: thumb — Inactive

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