Dr.. Will Kirby raises a roundtable for the TENNIS ‘Big Brother’ jury 24

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And the doctor is in! Big brother season 2 winner Dr. Will Kirby It once again hosts the jury roundtable for the season 24 finale.

A renowned dermatologist spoke exclusively to us weekly After filming with this year’s jury members – Indy SantosAnd the Jasmine DavisAnd the Joseph AbedinAnd the Kyle CabinerAnd the Terrence HigginsAnd the Michael BronnerAnd the Alyssa Snyder And the Brittany Hobbs.

Kirby explains, “My feeling was that they were all fairly OK on the jury, but as soon as I started asking some provocative questions, a spark was lit and a lot of raw emotion was expressed.” we. “There were several times during the round table where we had to ask a few of the house guests to sit down, take a few deep breaths, and calmly reset. Needless to say, tensions build with the jury!”

LaserAway’s chief medical officer says this year’s jury has been “very determined,” and things seem to be getting hot. Still, he says we“Everyone this year (once everyone finally calmed down) was reasonable and actively engaged.”

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The Big Brother 24 The final episode airs on CBS on Sunday, September 25, at 8 p.m. ET.

Dr. Will Kirby raises concerns for a jury

us weekly: This is the eighth time she’s hosted a jury roundtable.

Dr. Will Kirby: I am really honored to be back again! There was a 2 season hiatus due to COVID, but it’s great to once again spend an evening challenging the beliefs of the evictioned guests – I really love the job!

we: Were you frustrated with the jury members while you hosted the round table?

Dr.. Will: The show’s editors and producers are geniuses and definitely do the heavy lifting because it takes several hours to film the jury’s roundtable. Luckily, they always make me look good! Having said that, the second time I walk that point, I’m a skilled professional. I know the jury’s round table isn’t about me—it’s about evacuees home guests and their personal and group travels. I want to help them work through their feelings and try to put aside their personal and subjective biases and focus more on the final three guests, the game they each played, and why each might make the case for crowning the winner. . Let’s be really clear: $750,000 is a massive amount of money and we really need them to consider all options before casting their votes.

we: Tell us something about how this year’s jury roundtable was. Any teasers?

Dr.. Will: My sense is that they all get along well with the jury but once I started asking some provocative questions, well, a spark was lit and a lot of raw emotion was expressed. There were several times during the round table where we had to ask a few of the house guests to sit down, take a few deep breaths, and calmly reset. Needless to say, tensions run high with the jury!

we: How does this jury compare to juries of years past?

Dr.. Will: Each jury has its own distinct personality. But I will say that everyone this year (once everyone finally calmed down) made sense and actively participated. In the past, I was so frustrated that some jurors refused to participate or were so affected and obsessed with themselves that they didn’t offer anything meaningful. For example, a few years ago, we had a sad person who just sat with crossed arms and refused to speak. I get it! You are frustrated! But you still need to fulfill your obligations and participate. So, again, some juries are easier to work with than others, and this year they’ve been very stick with their opinion, which always makes for a great roundtable experience!

we: Have you been accused of trying to influence the jury members?

Dr.. Will: I wouldn’t normally respect something so ridiculous, but just so we can put that aside for good, let me make it very clear, for the record, that no one has ever asked me to persuade a jury to make any specific decision or have I ever considered doing anything remote like that. I pride myself on integrity, morals, and integrity and never try to influence a jury.

weDoes Hosting The Jury Round Table Make You Want To Return To The Show As A House Guest? Maybe a shorter ‘Legends’ season people keep speculating about?

Dr.. Will: If I’m being honest, on very rare occasions, I’ll let myself be entertained by the idea of ​​one day returning to the most exciting competition in the world and showing these little guys how to really play. But I would love to be a cosmetic dermatologist. It’s the best profession on earth, and my professional legacy will be as a medical officer for the nation’s leading cosmetic dermatology group, LaserAway!

we: If this season ever happened, who would you want to see the competition for?

Dr.. Will: No hesitation: I unequivocally want to see Monica Bailey there!

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