College football picks schedule: predictions against spread, odds for top 25 games in week 4

Team matches across the country add some spice to the final college football weekend in September. Saturday’s week four action is packed with the top 25 teams making their debut in the 2022 conference game. This familiarity often accompanies tighter games and closer results as teams with a more intimate knowledge of each other serve as better tests than cannon fodder for non-conference play.

In all, three group matches will see a pair of top 25 teams attempt to qualify early in the standings. There is a lot to prove for the likes of No. 10 in Arkansas, No. 11 in Tennessee, and No. 21 in Wake Forest as they seek more respect in their respective teams’ races against conference ranked opponents. In the Big Ten, No. 3 in Ohio and No. 4 in Michigan will try to maintain strong starts against the teams they have dominated in recent years. The culmination of the evening was the 12th major battle between Oklahoma No. 6 and Kansas State in what has recently become a trap game for the Sooner.

Be sure to stick to CBS Sports all day for coverage of college football from the start of the inaugural game onwards. Let’s take a look at our experts’ picks for the best games of Week 4.

Odds via Caesars Sportsbook | All times are oriental

nun | Fox fuboTV (try for free)– Terrapins would pose a much deeper challenge to Michigan than any previous opponent, especially on the field with their aggressive pass attack. However, the Wolverines were quite clean against poor competition through their first three matches. Many have waited for Michigan to make the change to JJ McCarthy under center, so don’t be surprised to see the Wolverines also take a few more shots than usual. It might be a tailgate cover, but it would be a cover nonetheless. Prediction: Michigan -17 – Sheehan Jiraj

nun | ABC, fuboTV (try for free)– Wake Forest has found outright success or at least more competitive results against every other ACC team except the Tigers, and the reason is due to a major flaw in their streak of scrimmage. Throughout the College Football Playoff era, we have wowed some quarterbacks and wide receivers to come from Clemson, but the most consistent unit year after year has been the defensive line. That defensive front has overshadowed Wake Forest over the years, disrupting all the complex and well-designed aspects of the attack. I think this trend continues, as is the two-digit winning trend. Prediction: Clemson -7 – Chip Patterson

Featured game | Tennessee Volunteers vs. Florida Gators

3:30 PM | CBS, CBSSports.comAnd the CBS Sports . appFlorida has won 16 of the last 17 games in the series, and the Volunteers have only won this game by more than 10 points once in the past 30 years. History aside, Tennessee’s status as a double-digit favorite appears to overestimate its win against a stuttering person. Pittsburgh The team underestimates the value of winning Florida Utah. The Gators have looked bad in the past couple of weeks, but there’s enough talent on the roster – as evidenced by that win over Utes – to keep things close to the Vols that were earlier in the rebuilding than No. 11 arrangement might suggest. Prediction: Florida +10.5 – David Cope

Featured game | Texas A&M Aegis vs. Arkansas Razorbacks

7 pm | ESPN, fuboTV (try for free)– Give me Razorbacks, give me big. Rahim Sanders, the SEC’s leading cavalier, was a terrifying in-between and out-of-space. Together with KJ Jefferson, he will weaken this defensive front and walk away late. On the other side of the ball, Hogs’ brave pass dash will take advantage of Aggies’ faltering line of defense, putting Max Johnson and attacking behind the sticks. That’s a recipe for disaster for Johnson and a fleeting game that hasn’t shown any sign of life yet. Prediction: Arkansas (+1.5) – Barrett Sally

Featured game | Ohio State Buckeyes vs Wisconsin Badgers

7:30 PM | ABC, fuboTV (try for free)– While I have a lot of respect for Wisconsin defensive coordinator Jim Leonhard to believe Ohio State will do the same things it has done with its recent opponents, I don’t have nearly the same level of belief in Wisconsin offense keeping up in this game. Until Graham Mertz proves to me that he can be relied upon against top opponents, I wouldn’t bet on that. Score points with Buckeyes. Prediction: Ohio State -18 – Tom Fornelli

Featured game | Oklahoma Sooners vs. Kansas Wildcats

8 pm | Fox fuboTV (try for free)– Kansas State and Oklahoma State have quietly played better than anyone else since Chris Kleiman took charge of the program in 2019. The Wildcats beat the OU both of Kleiman’s first two seasons and played the Sooners within one score in 2021. There was optimism that this could be The best team for Clement’s term, but an inexplicable loss to Tolen Put a damper on it. However, expect the Wildcats to keep the game within a two-degree range. Prediction: Kansas State +13 – Sheehan Jiraj

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