Korean Pharma is immersed in the development of artificial intelligence drugs

A new boom in drug development based on artificial intelligence has broken out among Korean pharmaceutical companies. Korean pharmaceutical companies are showing great interest in using artificial intelligence to develop new drugs. According to industry insiders, the AI ​​platform makes the new drug development process stable and efficient. The platform provides services such as data … Read more

Greatest screenshots from the latest global 500 day trial • TechCrunch

It’s show day season. This morning marked the launch of 500 Global’s Fall 2022 Venture Capital Demo Day, which saw more than a dozen startups pitch their best offerings to potential investors — and clients. Participants ran the gamut from fintech and sustainability to development tools and education technology, and many of them stood out … Read more

Eidosmedia partners with Sophi.io for AI-powered print automation

Sophi.io The partnership integrates Sophi.io’s AI technology into the Eidosmedia editorial platform, bringing seamless ML-powered print layout automation to Eidosmedia clients. TORONTO, September 29, 2022 (Globe Newswire) – edosmediaa developer of digital publishing solutions for leading newsgroups around the world, has partnered with Sophi.ioan AI-powered automation, optimization and prediction platform developed by The Globe and … Read more

Trust, collaboration and data sharing are the keys to realizing the promise of AI in healthcare

at the latest luck Once these barriers are overcome, AI could be the key to improving patient outcomes, lowering overall costs, and reducing burnout and stress on overworked caregivers, experts from across the medical field said in a virtual discussion on the Brainstorm Health app on Wednesday. They agreed that one of the first steps … Read more

How do you even cheat at chess? Artificial Intelligence and Morse Code

CNN – It is the story that shook chess and showed no sign of abating. The cheating scandal that has swept the sport, involving five-time world champion Magnus Carlsen, is all anyone talks about. Monday, Carlsen expressly accused His fellow senior and rival Hans Niemann was first cheated in a lengthy statement on Twitter. The … Read more

The Magnus Carlsen-Hans Niemann controversy is more than just a game. It’s the future.

Don’t fool yourself: thinking is hard. You can see this in great chess players, whose heart rate triples to match under their shirts. What characterizes the hero Magnus Carlsen is his lethal stupor, intense coldness of thought under pressure, which makes his last behavior all the more surprising. Basically, what Carlsen did to chess is … Read more

Lender Bhan Fellow Examines Social Justice Implications of AI Weapons

How do AI weapon systems turn warfare and surveillance activities and project human social and political vulnerabilities to violence? this is the question Mona BhanAssociate Professor of Anthropology at Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public AffairsYou will explore with a multidisciplinary team of students and faculty Lender Center for Social Justice Faculty Fellowship project. Bhan … Read more

Increasing spending on research and development in the autonomous vehicle supply sector

Company logo Global Data Collection and Labeling Market Global Data Collection and Labeling Market Dublin, September 26, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – The “Data Collection and Labeling, Market Size, Sharing and Trends Analysis Report by Data Type (audio, image/video, text), by vertical (IT, Retail and E-Commerce), by Region, and Segments Forecast, 2022-2030” Report added to ResearchAndMarkets.com … Read more

Understanding Reality Through Algorithms | MIT news

Although Fernanda de la Torre still has several years ahead of her postgraduate studies, she is already dreaming when it comes to what the future holds for her. “I dream of one day opening a school where I can bring this world of cognition and perception to places that could never have a connection to … Read more

No, AI probably won’t revolutionize drug development

Drug development is expensive, time-consuming, and risky. Typical new property costs Billions of dollars to develop and require more than ten years From work – only so far About 0.02% of the drugs under development reach the market. Some claim that artificial intelligence, or AI, will revolutionize drug development by ushering in much shorter development … Read more