Apple takes MacBook Pro seriously with integrated graphics tablet and iPhone charger

AppleInsider is supported by its audience and you may earn commission as an Amazon Partner and Affiliate Partner on eligible purchases. These affiliate partnerships do not affect our editorial content. Not a single patent proves that Apple makes a device, but a whole series of them suggest that we can really see a file MacBook … Read more

Pulsed field ablation technology to transform the electrical ablation device market

Catheter ablation is a common procedure for treating arrhythmias, but it carries a risk of collateral damage to surrounding healthy tissue. Pulsed field ablation (PFA) is emerging as the latest catheter ablation treatment method, providing improvements in both procedure speed and safety. Although the technology is still largely under development, it has caught the attention … Read more

We can be the first country to connect every resident to the internet

For generations, working Americans have been advised that they will need a three-legged chair for retirement: Social Security, personal savings, and a defined contribution pension or plan. Today, young Americans need another three-legged chair to succeed during their careers: basic literacy, numeracy, and digital literacy. Computer skills have been essential to economic mobility for years, … Read more

ABB Robotics – Automatica 2022: ABB Robotics unveils the next generation of flexible automation

June 21 2022 To lay the foundation for the plant of the future, ABB launched two transformational products under the new OmniVance brand at Automatica 2022: OmniVance FlexArc Compact Cell and OmniVance Machining Cell and Software. “We are facing an unprecedented shortage of skilled labor combined with global uncertainty and changing consumer demands,” said Marc … Read more

D-Matrix AI chip promises efficient transducer processing

Startup combines in-memory digital computing with chiplet applications for inference at the data center level. This article was written by Amnesty International’s Cambrian analysts Alberto Romero and Karl Freund D-Matrix was founded in 2019 by two AI hardware veterans, Sid Sheth and Sudeep Bhoja, who previously worked together at Inphi (Marvell) and Broadcom. The company … Read more

Windows administrators receive the most requests for tools for updates to Microsoft 365 apps

Photo: Getty Images / iStockphoto Microsoft has introduced new update capabilities for admins to help them automate monthly updates of core Microsoft 365 apps through Azure Active Directory (AD). Service Profiles allow administrators to automatically deliver monthly updates of Word, Excel, and other Office suites to specific users or groups. Microsoft has now introduced tools … Read more

Here’s Why You Don’t Copy and Paste Your First iPhone

Apple introduced the first iPhone 15 years ago, and a lot has changed since then. We’re now discussing rumors about the upcoming iPhone featuring 8K video and a new screen, but it’s hard to believe once the iPhone doesn’t have copy and paste options. Now a former Apple software engineer and designer Ken Kosenda He … Read more