Korean Pharma is immersed in the development of artificial intelligence drugs

A new boom in drug development based on artificial intelligence has broken out among Korean pharmaceutical companies. Korean pharmaceutical companies are showing great interest in using artificial intelligence to develop new drugs. According to industry insiders, the AI ​​platform makes the new drug development process stable and efficient. The platform provides services such as data … Read more

Anonymous continues its campaign against Iran

The hacker group Anonymous has focused its operations on Iran since the start of large-scale protests this month, and claims to have compromised several Iranian government websites — including Iran’s lower house of parliament, Iran’s parliament. Anonymous, known for taking sides in major international conflicts, said on September 20 that it was launching a “cyber … Read more

How to help those affected by Hurricane Ian

You can track Ian over here or Subscribe to the morning feed Email newsletter for weekday updates from The Weather Channel and our meteorologists. People across Florida need help after Hurricane Ian devastated much of the state. What is the best thing I can do to help? c ash is king. You may be tempted … Read more

Howie Mandel’s TikTok is the biggest place on the internet

The world is a sick and cruel place. for some reason, Howie Mandel–Howie Mandel, of all people, for Chrissakes! – It must get worse. Howie, can we please Do you have peace in the world? Excuse me? The man loved it tik tokwhich was mainly a space for young people Joke about corn And other … Read more

How augmented reality strategies can drive growth in fashion and beauty

By 2025, virtual and augmented reality is expected to become an $80 billion market, according to technology research group Goldman Sachs. The blending of the physical and the virtual, by making use of augmented reality technology, brings with it increasing opportunities for fashion: accelerating or shaping new buying paths; enhance brand discoverability; link event and … Read more

Greatest screenshots from the latest global 500 day trial • TechCrunch

It’s show day season. This morning marked the launch of 500 Global’s Fall 2022 Venture Capital Demo Day, which saw more than a dozen startups pitch their best offerings to potential investors — and clients. Participants ran the gamut from fintech and sustainability to development tools and education technology, and many of them stood out … Read more

Iowa law enforcement seeks help identifying authority

The Mills County Sheriff needs your help identifying the remains of a person found in April. In a statement released, the sheriff’s office as the body was recovered from the Missouri River just north of Interstate 370 again on April 23. The man was found wearing dark boxers and shorts. He had many tattoos. Including … Read more

Andy Ioancio leads the role of a trans woman in comedy

Austin Astoy for Missoulian Comedian Andy Ioancio’s first attempt at humor on stage came third in a school talent competition when she was nine or 10 in Baltimore, Maryland. A third-place tie, that is, with a girl who performed what she called an “Irish dance”. The Seattle-based comedian still thinks the judges got it wrong. … Read more