Suns rushes out of the camp gates thanks to continuity across the team

Phoenix – Much has been made about the lack of change in the Phoenix Suns team’s roster from this year to last. While that’s reason for criticism about the Suns’ off-season, it doesn’t mean we should ignore the benefits of “rebooting it”. The most obvious is continuity. Six of Phoenix’s top seven potential players in … Read more

3 notes from Sacramento Kings Media Day

It can be hard to tell what NBA media day is typical pre-season fluff, and what it could really carry on the season. In this regard, on Monday Sacramento Kings Media Day was no different. However, Media Day can be a good test of the general sentiment of the season. Last year at this time, … Read more

How the magicians prepare for their trip to Japan

Although he’s not fully integrated into the economy when he’s traveling, Kristaps Porzingis may be the only 7-foot-3 person you won’t hear complaining about long flights. No wifi on board? Not a problem for the Washington Wizards big man. He prefers sipping coffee and grinding through his to-do list without any distractions. “That’s when I’m … Read more

Lakers Media takeaway: Pelinka ready to trade first-round picks; Westbrook stresses professionalism

After a disappointing 2021-22 season that ended without a trip to the Play Round, the Los Angeles Lakers Huge changes are expected before the 2022-23 campaign begins. On some level, they did exactly that. Only five players returned from last year’s disaster, but with Russell Westbrook among them, the underlying problems of limited depth, defense … Read more

NBA Media Days – The best quotes from around the league as teams start the 2022-23 season

NBA training camps and the 2022-23 season are just around the corner, and players and coaches are set to preview their team’s upcoming campaigns at their media days this week. For some teams, this year’s Media Day will be the first introduction to some big off-season additions. Among them is the new shooting guard for … Read more