Astronomers have identified 20 ultraviolet-emitting supernova remnants in the Andromeda galaxy

The positions of the 20 SNRs with detected diffuse ultraviolet emission (purple squares) and 5 SNRs with potential, however confounded, diffuse emission (blue squares), superimposed on the picture of the Andromeda Galaxy in filter F148W. Credit score: Leahy et al., 2023 Utilizing the AstroSat satellite tv for pc, astronomers from the College of Calgary, Canada, … Read more

Dying Light 2 gets a 3GB update that adds NVIDIA DLSS 3, removes DRM, improves ragdolls physics, and more

Techland has launched Group Replace #2 (1.9.0) for Dying Gentle 2: Keep Human. This patch provides assist for DLSS 3 know-how from NVIDIA. Moreover, the replace improves ragdolls physics and AI response, and packs a number of bug fixes. As at all times, Steam will obtain this patch the following time you launch its consumer. … Read more

Physicists discover a new way to solve the strange mystery of dark energy

Physicists have proposed a brand new rationalization for darkish power. It might shed insights into the interdependence between quantum area idea and normal relativity idea, as two views of the universe and its parts. What’s behind darkish power – and what hyperlinks it to the cosmological fixed launched by Albert Einstein? Two physicists from the … Read more

Why more physicists are beginning to think that space and time are “illusions”

Final December, the Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded for the experimental affirmation of a quantum phenomenon identified for greater than 80 years: entanglement. As conceived by Albert Einstein and his collaborators in 1935, quantum objects will be mysteriously associated even when they’re separated by nice distances. However as weird because the phenomenon sounds, why … Read more

Network neuroscience theory – the best predictor of intelligence

Intelligence is the flexibility to accumulate, perceive and apply data and expertise so as to adapt to new conditions and clear up issues. It’s a complicated trait that’s influenced by each genetic and environmental components and may present itself in quite a lot of methods, equivalent to in reasoning, problem-solving, creativity and studying. Researchers have … Read more