Scientists determine the source of the unexpected geological activity of the planet Ceres

The dwarf planet Ceres is featured in these false-colored designs, which highlight differences in surface materials. Images from NASA’s Dawn spacecraft were used to create a movie of Ceres’ orbit, followed by an overhead view of Ocator Crater, home to Ceres’ brightest region. Credit: NASA/JPL Modeling reveals how Ceres is triggering unexpected geological activity. According … Read more

Webb Telescope spies a celestial diamond among the oldest galaxies in the universe

By Ashley Strickland, CNN A new study has revealed that the first image taken by the James Webb Space Telescope reveals some of the oldest stars and galaxies in the universe, including diamond-like ones. President Joe Biden launched Webb’s first stunning view on July 11, “the deepest and most accurate infrared image of the distant … Read more

The first European woman to command the International Space Station

A Russian cosmonaut said “the war will end everywhere” while handing over command of the space station Wednesday (September 28) to Samantha Christofority, now the first European woman in charge of the orbiting laboratory. The entirety of the current Expedition 67 mission to the International Space Station (ISS) occurred during the Russian invasion of Ukraine, … Read more

Spiral galaxy captured in “unprecedented detail” by the Webb Telescope

Sign up for CNN’s Wonder Theory newsletter. Explore the universe with news of amazing discoveries, scientific advances and more. CNN – A dazzling spiral galaxy located 29 million light-years from Earth appears in “unprecedented detail” in a new image released by NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope. The Galaxy “bones”which are usually obscured by dust, are … Read more

Did the blue monster galaxies in the early universe remove their dust?

Title: blue monsters. Why are JWST very early massive galaxies so blue? Authors: Francesco Zibarro, Andrea Ferrara, Laura Somovigo, Mahsa Quandil First Author Foundation: Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa, Italy condition: Submitted to MNRAS, available on arXiv The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) is already reshaping our understanding of the formation and evolution of galaxies, and … Read more

Sockeloen’s €1,000 socks are the ‘fastest socks on the planet’

Annemiek van Vleuten’s World Championship victory was an impressive display of tenacity and a perfectly timed attack. World title, broken elbow, and incredible tenacity aside, Van Vleuten’s stockings were another high point in deciding the elite women’s world title – pun intended – that landed the new world champion with a CHF200 fine. Coincidentally, we’ve … Read more