The James Webb Space Telescope is finally ready to do science

This article was originally published on Conversation. (Opens in a new tab) Post contributed this article to Expert Voices: Editorial and Insights. Marcia Ricci (Opens in a new tab)Regents Professor of Astronomy, University of Arizona NASA is scheduled to release the first images captured by the James Webb Space Telescope on July 12, 2022. … Read more

In a parallel world, you are another

This article is part of a series called Big Ideas, in which the book answers one question: What is reality? You can read more by visiting The Big Ideas Series page. When I was eight years old, a revelation changed my life forever. The year was 1955, and the headlines announced the death of a … Read more

Indigenous activists in Brazil talk about their struggle for the survival of the planet

Over the course of ten days in April, members of indigenous communities from across Brazil descend on Brasilia, the nation’s capital, for the Acampamento Terra Livre (ATL) – the largest indigenous mobilization the country has ever seen. Featuring representatives of the 305 indigenous peoples living in Brazil, they have come together to protest the grave … Read more

“Private investment will be key to decarbonizing the planet”

The role of public institutions, the key to promoting innovation Second, he referred to it Digitization and new technologies such as economic growth levers. Carlos Torres Villa stressed that “digitalization represents a huge competitive advantage”, but at the same time noted that “we must take special care to ensure that its undeniable benefits reach everyone”. … Read more

The planets remind us that everything is impermanent

Art: Kimberly Kessler. If you feel like you’re fried, rest assured there are more low-key feelings coming your way this week. In fact, by comparison, it can feel very cold because astral weather promises much less intensity. A restful Monday (thank you, dreamy moon in Pisces) before the solstice on Tuesday (21 June AEST and … Read more

NASA selects astronaut test pilots for Boeing Starliner flight to space station

Boeing Starliner. credit: Boeing SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft for additional scheduling and resource flexibility. Epps has begun cross-training on the SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft to prepare for this possibility. Meanwhile, NASA and Boeing are continuing to conduct OFT-2 data reviews while assessing future CFT launch opportunities. Following successful completion of the uncrewed OFT-2 mission, the … Read more

What happens when a red giant star devours a planet?

Astrophysicists have long known that as stars like the Sun age, they reach a stage where they swell into large, bulging stars called red giants, whose diameters are many times their young ones. These stars could expand enough to consume some of the planets orbiting them, says Ricardo Yarza, a graduate student in astronomy and … Read more