The UK Biobank Pharma Project publishes early results from its groundbreaking protein research

Olink Proteomics AB UPPSALA, Sweden, June 21, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Olink Holding AB (year of publication) (Nasdaq: OLK) has announced that a publication describing early results of proteomics research conducted by the UK’s Vital Pharma Proteins Project (UKB-PPP) has been Publish it online to bioRxiv Prepress server, available over here. The study is entitledGenetic … Read more

Diet recommendations based on DNA

Instructions for what to eat? When the human genome was first sequenced, some people optimistically assumed that we now (or soon know) all about human genes and would be able to predict who would develop a disease and describe what each individual should do to ensure the best possible health. These expectations were not fulfilled. … Read more

Rain targets normal expression of p53 with potential pan-cancer therapy

Instead of the mutated target p53, rain remedies Normal p53 expression is seen as part of mouse double-blind (MDM2) inhibitor treatment. In the next 12 months, Rain expects to have a pivotal study reading for the second phase of her liposarcoma treatment, called Milademetan (Rain-32), and a pivotal reading for a phase three trial of … Read more

A two-pronged cell approach to mitigate genetic errors

“An error does not become a mistake until you refuse to correct it.” Orlando Batista The cells in our bodies are exquisitely refined tools. Most days, on most of us, trillions of cells work together in near perfect harmony to keep us healthy and functioning. But the error is more than just human, and even … Read more

The endangered Tasmanian devils are insured against future threats

Credit: Kunal Kalra on Unsplash The largest-ever analysis of Tasmanian devil genetics has found that protected populations are as strong as the wild, raising hopes for the survival of the endangered species. Last year, the previous government canceled a number of plans to restore threatened species; New research now shows that “insurance groups” – insulated … Read more

Global Optical Genome Mapping Market, By Product, By Application, By End User, By Region, Competition And Opportunity Forecast, 2027

ReportLinker Global Optical Genome Mapping Market, by product (consumables vs. tools), by application (genome assembly, structural variation detection, microbial strain typing, haplotype progressive diversification, etc.), by end user (research and academic institutions, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies , clinical laboratories, other), by region, competition and opportunity forecast, 2027 NEW YORK, June 20, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – … Read more

Science and genetics are used to enhance the Firenside Farm

Julie Bradshaw, a Fernside dairy farmer, is excited about the ability of genetics to create a herd of more efficient cows. The attached photo Ray’s five-year study helped Julie Bradshaw make science-based decisions on her Fernside dairy farm. Bradshaw also uses genetics to improve her flock, as part of her goal to reduce her farm’s … Read more

I hit you for dog and cat research last week

Dogs think about their toys using multiple senses everything dog The owner dreamed of knowing exactly what their fur baby had in mind. OK New study Published in the magazine animal perception He found that when dogs think of an object – such as their favorite toys – they imagine its different sensory features, such … Read more

6 ways parents can share love and connect with their kids

Toronto: The early years are the most dynamic time in life, producing over a million neural connections every second. For parents or caregivers, this time provides a wonderful opportunity to influence children’s lives, allowing children to see relationships and experience the world as being balanced, safe and loving. Through a loving relationship, children learn what … Read more

Oklahoma mountain streams may contain unique types of smallmouth bass

A University of Central Oklahoma researcher and two colleagues at Yale University believe that Smallmouth Bass in Mount Ouachita Southeast Oklahoma Streams are a unique species based on genetic studies. Andrew Taylor, associate professor of fisheries biology at UCLA, recently co-authored research findings with his Yale colleagues Damon Kim and Thomas J. Nir in Springer … Read more