How Yolo County Leaders Are Changing Landfill

Methane is one of the most potent greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, landfills are the third largest source of methane emissions associated with humans in the United States. This methane is produced as organic waste from things like food, plant matter, and sewage that are broken down by bacteria … Read more

AGL to convert $20 billion from coal to renewables

“Old Australian coal-fired power plants will continue to close,” Bowen said. “We need to make sure that shutdowns are managed properly and that we are investing in distributed, fixed renewable energy, along with storage and transportation, to make up for lost power generation.” loading The national energy market relies on private investment to generate new … Read more

Half of the world’s bird species are in decline as the destruction of bird life intensifies | birds

Nearly half of the planet’s bird species are in decline, according to a final report that paints the darkest picture yet of the destruction of bird life. The State of the World’s Birds Report, published every four years by BirdLife International, shows that the expansion and intensification of farming is pressing 73% of species. Other … Read more

The think tanks favored by Truss attack “massive transfer of wealth” to landowners | Agriculture

One of Liz Truss’s favorite right-wing think tanks has criticized the government for considering abandoning a much-touted new farmer financing structure, describing the current subsidy system as a “massive transfer of wealth from taxpayers to landowners”. Truss announced plans to Environmental Land Management Scheme Review (Elms), where farmers are paid to protect the environment, likely … Read more

China’s fishing operations raise alarms around the world

Chinese fishing circles appearIn 2020 and 2021. Ecologically rich and diverse, the water around Galapagos Islands It has attracted local fishermen for centuries. Now, these waters are facing a larger and more greedy fisherman: China. Chinese fishing in ⬤ 2020 And the 2021. The Galapagos Islands are part of Ecuador. However, every year increasing numbers … Read more

Diamonds from 660 kilometers below the Earth’s surface reveal a water-rich environment: ScienceAlert

Deep below the surface of our world, beyond our feeble reach, mysterious processes grind and sway. Every now and then, Earth unleashes clues to its nature: tiny chthonic diamonds encasing a skate of rare minerals. From these little bits we can extract tidbits of information about our planet’s interior. A diamond recently discovered in a … Read more

A ‘strong solution’: Activists push to make environmental genocide an international crime | environment

California winemaker Julia Jackson has long recognized the threats posed by the ongoing global climate change crisis, from intense wildfires and hurricanes to rising sea levels. But for her, those thoughts went from the abstract to the tangible for her The house was destroyed From the Kinkade wildfire that devastated her hometown of Sonoma County … Read more