Scientists determine the source of the unexpected geological activity of the planet Ceres

The dwarf planet Ceres is featured in these false-colored designs, which highlight differences in surface materials. Images from NASA’s Dawn spacecraft were used to create a movie of Ceres’ orbit, followed by an overhead view of Ocator Crater, home to Ceres’ brightest region. Credit: NASA/JPL Modeling reveals how Ceres is triggering unexpected geological activity. According … Read more

Scottish researchers donate £16m to improve cattle genetics

News Scottish researchers donate £16m to improve cattle genetics September 30, 2022 Improved genetics will be used to help smallholder farmers in developing countries Scottish researchers dedicated to supporting smallholder farmers in the global south through advances in animal genetics research are beginning a new phase in their endeavour, according to Press release from Rural … Read more

Five US states not appreciated for wildlife lovers

Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota was established in 1978. GT When it comes to ecotourism, states like Alaska, Florida, and Hawaii have gained worldwide fame for their high levels of biodiversity and famous species wealth, but there is a world of potential waiting to be explored across the United States. While each state … Read more

How Yolo County Leaders Are Changing Landfill

Methane is one of the most potent greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, landfills are the third largest source of methane emissions associated with humans in the United States. This methane is produced as organic waste from things like food, plant matter, and sewage that are broken down by bacteria … Read more

Webb Telescope spies a celestial diamond among the oldest galaxies in the universe

By Ashley Strickland, CNN A new study has revealed that the first image taken by the James Webb Space Telescope reveals some of the oldest stars and galaxies in the universe, including diamond-like ones. President Joe Biden launched Webb’s first stunning view on July 11, “the deepest and most accurate infrared image of the distant … Read more

After 17 years of research, a scientist has come up with one of the most important holy grails in physical chemistry

Absolute cross-sections scaled for each oxygen atom. The absolute cross-sections of each oxygen atom for a larger frequency band as derived from XAS measurements on fluidized proton complexes and on water in acetonitrile. attributed to him: Angewandte Chemie International Edition (2022). DOI: 10.1002 / ani.202211066 Professor Ehud Pines is considered an iconoclast. What else would … Read more

Wildlife Hunting Tourism Market Will Have Booming Growth In 2022-2028

Huge monitoring provides prediction evaluation Wild Animal Hunting Tourism Market was broadcast. By correlating historical statistics with key market dynamics, our analysts can make extraordinarily intelligent forecasts. The document consists of an extensive assessment of the worldwide Wildlife Hunting Tourism market segmented by means of type, application, and region. Trends and potentials are highlighted in … Read more

AGL to convert $20 billion from coal to renewables

“Old Australian coal-fired power plants will continue to close,” Bowen said. “We need to make sure that shutdowns are managed properly and that we are investing in distributed, fixed renewable energy, along with storage and transportation, to make up for lost power generation.” loading The national energy market relies on private investment to generate new … Read more