bipolar visual hallucinations

Bipolar disorder involves experiencing mood episodes such as depression and mania. However, some people may also experience hallucinations. Here’s why. Mania, hypomania, and depression are the official symptoms of bipolar disorder. But, in some cases, people with bipolar disorder can also suffer Symptoms of psychosislike hallucinations. Not everyone Living with bipolar disorder Has hallucinations or … Read more

Overland Park therapy dog ​​working in and out of the office

Haven is a therapy dog ​​and a member of the Overland Park Crisis Action Team. Maya Bond The Overland Park Crisis Action staff expanded last fall And gained more than just officers. Haven, the team’s therapy dog, joined the growing team and soon began helping with calls. “It just melts people,” said the sergeant. Stewart … Read more

Camp Ta-Kum-Ta wins Red Sox grants for mental health treatment in New England

Dan Osman, Director of Development at Camp Ta-Kum-Ta, received the organization’s first place award for the Fairmont at Fenway Park. Credit: Rachel O’Driscoll/Boston Red Sox The IMPACT Awards, presented by the Red Sox Foundation and the Ruderman Family Foundation, support organizations that raise awareness and improve outcomes related to mental health. Vermont Business Magazine Last … Read more

In Miami, an alternative to 911 for mental health crises

Miami – When a large black truck rushed into The Shoppes in Liberty City, Dr. Armin Henderson, megaphone in hand, poked his head out the slightly open door. “Did you know that if you call the police during a mental health crisis, you crave 16 times more to be shot and killed?” Henderson said, turning … Read more

Thousands of women with mental health problems in England received ‘dangerous’ electric shocks to the brain

Thousands of women in England with Psychological health Problems are treated with electroconvulsive therapy despite concerns that the treatment could cause irreversible brain damage. NHS The data he sees independent It reveals the disproportionate amount of electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) prescribed to women, who make up two-thirds of patients receiving treatment. Health professionals have warned that … Read more