SULLY ERNA On GODSMACK’s Upcoming Album ‘Lighting Up The Sky’: ‘This Is The Last Record We’ll Ever Make’

In a new interview with Pablo From Radio Minneapolis, Minnesota 93XAnd the Sulli Erna confirmed that Godsmickhis next album, “lighting the sky”, likely to be the final set of original material for the band. Explained (as written by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): “that it The The most important record, I think, we ever wrote and recorded. “I’ve never … Read more

Ka: Language Arts / Sad Studies album review

The Brownsville neighborhood of Brooklyn was filmed in kaHell’s music is stark: white of resourcefulness, enhanced by religious levels of penance and gratitude. There is constant talk of the damned, taking advantage of bad situations caused by poverty, the police, the drug trade and the irreversible nature of the street relationships that bind. But the … Read more

Adrian Vandenberg says he had a ‘disagreement’ with DAVID COVERDALE over reissue of ‘Restless Heart’ trend

Adrian Vandenberg admit disagreement with David Coverdale During 2021 reissue white snake‘s “A restless heart” album. The guitarist made a revelation while chatting with him EunMusic In late August this year stone dead Festival in Newark, UK. Vandenbergwho was a member of white snake From 1987 to 1990, and again from 1994 to 1997, he … Read more

Santigold cancels tour, shares message about the harsh reality of tour artists

Santigold has decided to cancel her upcoming Holified tour, which was intended to support her just-released new album, spiritual. Send a lengthy note to its administrator websiteSantee White apologized for having to cancel the tour and showcased the specific challenges faced by artists touring with inflation and the current post-pandemic scene. “As a touring musician, … Read more

still here | pitchfork

There are two widely cut still hereAnd the Marisa AndersonLatest guitar instrument album. Half of the album is made up of traditional songs, so to speak, although they don’t have lyrics. The likes of “Waking” and “The Crack Where The Light Gets In” is compact and thoughtful, with clear paths of melody and form. Some … Read more