Nature’s Wild Ideas by Kristy Hamilton Review – A great biosimulator | science and nature books

WDo beetle butt, lotus leaf and giraffe leg have in common? As science journalist Christy Hamilton explains in her delightful first book, the three inspired human engineers to solve complex problems. The Namib Desert Beetle’s back has tiny bumps that encourage condensation of oceanic fog – a clever way to find water in a rain-free … Read more

New book uses humor to help kids with a sick parent

SAN DIEGO — Calling herself a “survivor and successor,” a longtime Chicago News executive now hopes to help families afflicted with the disease do the same. Phyllis Schwartz’s new children’s book “When Mom feels good, we do too!” It was posted last Friday. The semi-autobiographical book is about an extended family that helps a sick … Read more

These 6 titles have just been selected as the best business books of the year

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9 books that make us cry every time

Crying: It’s literally good for youBut sometimes a person needs a little help Getting continuous tear ducts. Sure, you can always just watch Madison County Bridges, but there is something wonderful and elegant in the ancient world about a book in tears. Below, find eight Vogue magazine Staff are on books that do well every … Read more

A Pocket Full of Happiness by Richard E. Grant Review – Tiger and his true love | Biography and notes

WRichard E. Grant’s wife, Joan Washington, was diagnosed with lung cancer just before Christmas 2020, she didn’t really want anyone to know about. “You won’t cure me!” She said. But Grant and their daughter, Olivia, had different ideas. They felt they needed to support their huge circle of friends: anything else would be too lonely. … Read more

What do great books teach us about people fleeing persecution?

Robert Barsky is a Guggenheim Fellow and Professor at Vanderbilt University. His interdisciplinary research combines social justice, human rights, border studies, and refugees with literary and artistic insights into the plight of vulnerable migrants. Below, Robert shares 5 key insights from his new book, Claiming Legal Protection: What Great Books Teach Us About People Fleeing … Read more

What the staff at Poor Richard’s suggest for your next great read

Each week as part of SunLit – the literature division of Sun – we provide employee recommendations from bookstores across Colorado. This week, employees at Poor Richard’s Books & Gifts in Colorado Springs are recommending “Fox Creek,” “Hell and Back,” and “Calling for a Blanket Dance.” Fox Creek Written by William Kent KruegerAtria Books$28August 2022Buy … Read more