Meta Make-A-Video AI Checks A Terrifying New State Of The Art • TechCrunch

Meta researchers have made a big leap in the field of artificial intelligence art generation With Make-A-Video, the creatively named new technology for – you guessed it – to create a video from nothing but a text prompt. The results were impressive and varied, all, without exception, a little frightening. We’ve seen text-to-video models before … Read more

Stonehenge exhibition highlights similarities between ancient British and Japanese culture | Exhibitions

TThe treasures on display range from the astonishing variety—a 5,000-year-old cooking pot decorated with a ceramic representation of a dancing flame—to the intriguing, such as mushroom models that might suggest ancient makers were interested in the mind-altering properties of fungi. Gathered in an exhibition room in StonehengeAbout 80 pieces were made in Japan during jomon … Read more

Frida Kahlo’s drawing destroyed to make NFTs

Screenshot taken from an online video showing Martin Mubarak apparently burning a drawing of Frida Kahlo. With permission from Friday. A Mexican entrepreneur told a wealthy crowd in Miami that what happened next would “change the lives of thousands of children”. Then he set fire to a drawing of Frida Kahlo, perhaps Mexico’s most famous … Read more

Circle billionaire art collectors as Megabucks masterpieces go to auction

The pillars of the art market are said to come down to the three elements: Death, divorce, or religion. In these dramatic instances of turnaround, financial risk, or both, old collectors are more motivated to unload their merchandise, and when they do, the results can be astounding. In May, Sotheby’s scored a big win at … Read more

Douglas Copeland’s new Metrotown sculptures a nod to Ford’s factory past (PHOTOS)

A pedestrian-oriented street view in Station Square redevelopment now completed It has recently seen a further enhancement of its public domain with important pieces of public art. Anthem Properties worked with renowned local artist Douglas Coupland to create four sculptures, spread across two locations within the redevelopment. Three sculptures are located outside JJ Bean Coffee … Read more

‘Everything in Oxford was built with elusive money’ – hardcore professor and fourth artist Samson Campalo | sculpture

sAmson Campalo’s solution to being late in an interview was characteristically swaying: His flash drives to the curb outside the front gates of Old Oxford College, pulls me out of the porter’s inn and shouts into the parking lot around the back. He holds a plethora of keys which, like the polite Hagrid, reveals the … Read more

Are Logan Paul’s photos worth millions?

If you care about the world of photography, you may know that famous YouTube star Logan Paul recently sold a set of photos titled 99 original copies Like NFTs for tens of thousands of dollars per image. Is the group worth that much? Is Logan Paul the Artist Who Will Change the Photography Industry? Is … Read more