Art Nouveau was a snooze! Prince William admits he stopped working during university lectures

Art Nouveau was a snooze! Prince William admits he stopped working during university lectures Prince William says he slept during lectures at the University of St Andrews He said he was “terrible” for being sleepy and had to quit studying art because of it The Duke of Cambridge said that being able to study Renaissance … Read more

Under Tents 2022: Alex Pardee, Symbiote Studios, 7 Bucks a Pop, Terry Moore

We’re approaching another Monday from San Diego Comic-Con, which leaves *uses fingers to count*….just four more Mondays until the main event. While we wait for the exhibitor list, plate schedule, and announcements from the big hitters, let’s take a deep look at who’ll be there, who’ll be bringing the merchandise, and who you won’t want … Read more

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Israel and Jews express ‘disgust’ at anti-Semitic images at German art festival

Berlin, Germany (AFP) – Jewish leaders and Israel’s embassy in Germany on Monday expressed their “disgust” at anti-Semitic images displayed at Documenta, one of the world’s largest art galleries. was documenta controversy overshadowed her For months due to its inclusion of a group of Palestinian artists strongly critical of the Israeli occupation. Two days after … Read more

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Peter Strickland’s Attractive Gourmet Review

(From left to right) Asa Butterfield as Billy Rubin, Fatima Muhammed as Ile de Ile, and Aryan as Lamina Propria in Peter Strickland Gourmet Flux.picture: IFC midnight People regularly throw the word “surreal” around simply to mean weird. But surrealism as an art movement is a specific pursuit of the unconscious; An investigation of the … Read more

Behind the £35 million sale of a landmark painting lies the colorful tale written by Richard Kaye

Like all good feuds, theirs began a storm of mutual admiration—even passion—that led some in bohemian circles in London to question whether there was a joy of romance in their friendship. But it was art, not sex, that attracted Lucian Freud and Francis Bacon to each other. Bacon, who was expelled from the family home … Read more

Explanation: Pakistani ‘Truck Art’ – His Journey to Appreciation and Special Tribute to Musiwala

Why is truck art important in Pakistan? The space is special because it is usually dedicated to Pakistani national heroes and actors/singers. Imran Khan’s photo on a truck. (Express Photo) Painter Haji Naz, 65, from Peshawar, who has spent more than five decades drawing portraits on trucks in Pakistan, says the face drawn on a … Read more