When an abortion story is told as a bird, a thriller, or a farce

In 1969, when abortion was illegal in Illinois, an underground operation arose in Chicago. Officially called the Women’s Liberation Abortion Advisory Service, it became known as the Jane Network, because women requesting an abortion were asked to call a number and “request Jane.” as you watched”jeans, a documentary about the service on HBO, I was … Read more

Watch: SKID ROW performs at SUMMERFEST in Milwaukee

Video made by fans of slippery gradeJune 24 in performance summer festival In Milwaukee, Wisconsin can be seen below. slippery gradehis new album, “It’s all here gang.”It will be released on October 14th via ear music. The band recorded most of the effort in Nashville, Tennessee with the producer Nick Raskollinkswho has worked with him … Read more

The changes Mrs. Marvel made from the comics are a mixed bag

Iman Fellaini as Mrs. Marvell / Kamala Khan and Matthew Lintz as Bruno in the second episode of Mrs. Marvell picture: Marvel Studios 2022 We are in three episodes Mrs. Marvell, a show that introduced millions of people to the first Muslim superhero in the MCU. The chain has already broken down barriers and harmful … Read more

Birds play a minor role in a collection of books

Fungi, spiders, dioramas, and prairie: they all play a role in the bird world, and these books can share a space on a bird’s bookshelf. Here’s a sampling of some recent titles, as well as one of my favorite old titles I’d like to get back. Fungi eaters and fungi nest Fungi have little to … Read more

Is this Steve Curry… or a work of art?

In the flat red frame of the photo, a woman is smiling upwards. With the camera, we stare at the vortex of her body. Near her face, a basketball sinks through the net; Under her feet, a white line divided the picture, like the fold of a pocket mirror. On the other side of the … Read more

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The composer of ‘Beavis and Butt-Head’ hired a 69-piece orchestra

When director Mike Judge was working on “Beavis and Butthead do the universeā€œ(Now streaming on Paramount+), it was only appropriate to summon the composer John Frizzle to work out the result. The judge needed the film’s music to reflect the emotional and physical journey the duo would be embarking on. To achieve this, Frizzell recorded … Read more

Book review: “The Colony” by Sally Denton

The Colony: Faith and Blood in the Promised Land, by Sally Denton Women tend to perform poorly in religions created by men. Throughout history, male prophets have claimed the divine authority to write laws that perpetuate male authority and to turn aside women as inferior or evil temptations that threaten male glory. Although we reject … Read more