As companies flee Russia, a model from New York returns to Moscow

Placeholder while loading article actions When Western companies fled Russia after Moscow invaded Ukraine, 33-year-old model Kira Dichter of New York City walked in the opposite direction. After giving up a decade-long modeling career in the United States, the dual American and Russian national returned to her hometown of Moscow this spring to launch a … Read more

Former US ambassador says raising tariffs on China can lower inflation

Former US ambassador David Adelman said removing tariffs on imported Chinese goods would strip 1% of US inflation over time and restore confidence in the economy, which could help President Joe Biden at the ballot box. “Inflation will be the number one issue in the November US midterm elections,” Adelman told CNBC’s “Squawk Box” on … Read more

Russia declares gas war on the European Union – POLITICO

Click play to listen to this article Russian President Vladimir Putin is playing a tricky role with the European Union — cutting off gas shipments to some of Russia’s best customers amid anger over sanctions imposed after the invasion of Ukraine. It puts enormous political pressure on governments, threatens to leave Europeans in a freeze … Read more

Pence bemoans Biden’s economic agenda in calling for ‘change of direction’

Former Vice President Mike Pence on Monday called for a “change of direction” to reverse the economic problems facing the country, often driven by rising food and gasoline costs. Speaking to the University of Chicago club, Pence bemoaned President Biden’s economic agenda, which he said has squandered a solid foundation left by the Trump administration. … Read more

Biden reprimands a reporter on the beach for asking if a recession is inevitable

With most Americans fearful of an economic slowdown, President Biden blasted a reporter on Monday for asking about the potential for the US economy Heading into recession as such high interest rates Chase high inflation. And while the President was cruising on the sand near his vacation home in Rehoboth Beach, Dale, State. Economists were … Read more

Congress must act quickly to pass a deficit and inflation bill

Congress must move quickly to pass a law that cuts the deficit and helps Americans struggling with rising prices. The congressional calendar is too short, and soon the opportunity will be lost. Recently released by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) annual budget report With more bad news on government debt. Although the deficit has been … Read more

Analysis: America is in turmoil, and that’s bad news for the White House

Many key aspects of economic, social and national life that were previously seen as running smoothly are now becoming unshared. The covid-19 pandemicAlthough she loosened her deadly grip, she left a complex legacy of challenges that continue to disrupt daily life. Some of them exacerbated – such as more than 800 airlines Flights have been … Read more

Inflation took a bite out of new infrastructure projects

Price per foot of a hookah in Tucson, Arizona: 19% increase. Cost of a ton of asphalt in a small town, Massachusetts: 37% increase. Estimate for building a new airport terminal in Des Moines, Iowa: 69% higher, with a delay of several years. Inflation is affecting infrastructure projects across the United States, driving up costs … Read more