Bruder John Deere 5115M Vehicle

As an addition to the numerous John Deere items from the extensive Bruder range, It now also features the John Deere 5115M. The model from the 5M tractor series impresses in particular with its detailed features, Compact dimensions and agility. Its particularly good maneuverability allows it to operate perfectly in a confined space or to easily park it in the world machine Hall. In this process, the large and clearly arranged cab has been adapted to world figures and enables them to navigate a tractor particularly well. Just like all other tractors in the Bruder range, the John Deere 5115M can be steered using the additional drag link after having placed it on the movable steering wheel through the sliding roof. This model is also to a scale of 1: 16 to allow you to establish a particularly appealing playing environment with many Bruder products. The removable front weight in combination with the drawbar coupling allow to attach numerous attachments and trailers from the entire range. The separately available slip-on front loader (item no. 02319) enhances the Tractor's functionality even more. The John Deere 5115M is the star of the compact Tractor class on the farm. The large cab is stands out with plenty of space for drivers to move. Powerful and efficient engine. Versatility is its special feature. Regardless of whether the tractor is transporting goods On-Road or it is being used with attachments on the field, the performance of this tractor will always confirm you made the right choice. The toy is no different. As usual, model-type design linked with durability and versatile functions make it compatible with the vast range of Bruder agricultural units. Its steering makes it agile and an additional drag link allows steering through the sliding roof, just like the big Bruder models. Can be equipped with slip-on front loader.
The toy features a steerable and off-road front axle, allowing for easy maneuverability and realistic play.
It comes with a detachable front weight and standard front and rear couplings, allowing for attachment of various accessories and trailers from the Bruder range.
The tractor's large and detailed cab is designed to accommodate Bruder figures, providing an immersive play experience.
The additional drag link enables steering through the sliding roof, enhancing the tractor's functionality and realism.
The separately available slip-on front loader (item no. 02319) can be added, further expanding the tractor's capabilities.
The dimensions of the toy tractor are approximately 10.2 inches in length, 5 inches in width, and 6.3 inches in height.

Price: $31.02 - $24.98
(as of Nov 25,2023 00:21:59 UTC - Details)

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