Bruder 09829 John Deere 7R 350 with Forestry Trailer and 4 Trunks

Modern agriculture is no longer conceivable with modern tractors. As farmers’ work is not only complex, butalso full of challenges, they need the right technology. Bruder 09829 John Deere 7R series tractors combine a low totalweight with high performance. This agile tractor not only speeds up transports, but also drives any operationforward. This important tractor is new at BRUDER, where it can be found in the agriculture theme world. Trueto the BRUDER motto “Just like the real thing”, the tractor is equipped with many realistic details. The bonnetopens and shows the impressive engine. Doors can be opened and offer the optionally available bworld figuresspace in a modern cabin. Typical of BRUDER is the excellent controllability and ride comfort due to the installedoscillating axle as well as the steering extension that can be inserted through the sliding roof. Already equippedwith four tree trunks, this combination includes the functional forestry trailer. The model features a rotating andswivelling loading crane, which not only can transport the tree trunks but also can load and unload them. Withadjustable stanchions, the modern forestry trailer immediately invites you to play. Other trailers fromBRUDER’s agricultural range can also be attached to this tractor.
Outdoor tough: strong construction makes this Logger truck a great indoor or outdoor toy, great for the sandbox too.
Fully compatible: Works with all Bruder trucks, vehicles, figures and playsets, even has additional steering rod for realistic a of the 4 included logs.
European quality: made in Germany and manufactured to exacting Bruder standards from highest quality plastics such as fade-resistant ABS.
With its accurate 1:16 scale and dimensions of 22.5 x 8.5 x 6.5 inches, this product is compatible with all Bruder accessories and figurines, ensuring a seamless integration into your play world.

Price: $98.99
(as of Nov 08,2023 10:05:10 UTC - Details)

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