ASGI Lavaux Women’s Open Open in Switzerland

In Puidoux, Switzerland, everything is ready for the ASGI Lavaux Women’s Open, a LET Access course that will take place at the Golf de Lavaux. This is the fourth-to-last event in the track before the end of the season and there will be seven Italians at the start who will try to secure a prestigious result.

First of all, Lucrezia Colomboto Russo, who won the inaugural championship (Golf de Ter Blanche) last April 2 and is 10th in the LETAS standings. In addition to Piedmont, Clara Manzalini (28 / a in the “money list”), Erica de Martini (40 / a), Sarah Purcelli (47 / a) and Martina Flori (90 / a) are also present.

Also participating in the event are two amateurs: Alicia Fornara and Katrina Tate.

ASGI Lavaux Ladies Open, schedule

Present in addition to Germany’s Chiara Noja, Leader of the Medal of Merit in the Ring, Citizen Patricia Isabel Schmidt, second in the standings, Czech Sarah Koskova (third), New Zealand’s Momoka Kobori (fourth), Dutch amateur Loren Holme (5th), Sweden’s Anna Magnuson (sixth). , Australian Crystal Bloom (seventh), English Gemma Claus (eighth) and Austrian Katharina Mullbauer (ninth).

Puidoux is 663 meters above sea level. m, 12 km east of the capital of the canton of Lausanne (as the crow flies). The village extends in the valley of the Forest Stream, in a wide depression between the Mont-de-Jours in the west and Mont-Pellerin in the east, northeast of Lake Geneva, in the Vaux-Matland.

The area of ​​the large municipal area of ​​22.9 km2 includes a section of Lavaux on the northeastern shore of Lake Geneva (about 2.5 km from the lake shore line) and the adjacent highlands to the north. In the southern part of the municipality, the most steep slopes of Lavaux with an average inclination of about 40 ° belong to Puidoux between the wine-growing villages of Epesses and Rivaz.

This bluff is separated by the height of Le Signal (660 meters above sea level) from the Plaine du Verney, the vast basin of the Forestay where the residential and commercial district of Puidoux is located. The Lac de Bret drinking water reservoir (674 meters above sea level) is also located in the catchment area of ​​Forestay.

In the west, the municipal area extends over the Bois de la Vulpillière forest (734 meters above sea level) adjacent to the lake to the slope of Mont de Gourze (at Bois de Romont 800 meters above sea level). To the north, the municipal soil extends over the catchment between the catchment areas of the Rhône and Rhine, which extends here in a largely flat area, to the neighboring Molas hill country of Jurat to the southeast.

In the far north lies Montagne des Carboles (792 meters above sea level), which is bordered by Grenet to the west and Corbéron to the east, both of which are streams that feed Broye its waters. The eastern boundary of the Puidoux region was formed by Mont Chesau (985 meters above sea level), Mont Pèlerin, whose slope is 990 meters above sea level M.

The highest point of the municipality is reached, as well as the Salinche Stream, which originates from Mount Pelerin and flows into Lake Geneva. In 1997, 8% of the municipality’s area was for settlements, 25% for forests and police, 64% for agriculture and just under 3% was unproductive land.

Puidoux includes the commercial area near Puidoux Train Station and Treytorrens hamlets (383 m asl) on the slopes of Lavaux, La Croix (630 m asl) and Goy (682 m asl) above the vineyards, Publoz (620 m asl) sea) in the Foreste Valley, Vers-la-Chapelle (684 m asl) south of the village of Boedeau, Loch (687 m asl) and Kremer (710 m asl) on the southwest slope of Mont Pelerin.

In addition, many agricultural settlements and individual farms belong to the municipality. The neighboring municipalities of Boedo are Bourg-en-Lavaux, Forel (Laveau), Oron, Chardonne, Saint-Savorin (Laveau), Chexpress and Rivas in the canton of Vaud, and Granges (Vives) in the canton of Fribourg.

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