A new internet option? New Frontier Batch in Rochester

ROCHESTER, NY (WROC) – In Monroe County, another option for the Internet is to expand its reach. Besides Greenlight and Spectrum, you can expect to see more Frontier ads as well.

Viewers on Webster, Chili and Penfield told News8 that they’ve seen and heard more about Frontier Fiber.

We caught up with some of the actors at a local event to find out more.

They’re focusing on areas that customers need most, said David Oliveira, Vice President of National Expansion for Frontier. More recently, this was the city of Rochester and East Rochester.

Over the next three years, he said, they hope to reach more suburbs in Monroe County.

“With Frontier emerging from bankruptcy, over the past year there is a new leadership team, a new spirit, and a new fight in us. It really is surrounded by our investments in building fibers into communities, it brings new technology that proves the future,” he said.

He says the goal is to reach ten million homes nationwide by 2025. You’ve probably heard of fiber technology. But what exactly is it?

“Fiber is a technology that passes through light in exchange for electricity, so when you have fiber to your home, we have a central office that runs the cable through a hub all the way to your home,” he said.

He said the fibers bring durability. For example, here in Rochester–through rain and snow, the fibers are weatherproof–because they’re either aerobic or home-buried.

“You might not realize all the different things fiber is for you,” said Collette Alvescombre, director of engagement and marketing. “For example, the doorbell from Ring, the security system in your home, the vacuum cleaner from Roomba,” Alvescomber said.

For some residents of the area, having another option in the internet mix is ​​attractive.

“I prefer Frontier, because that’s what I grew up with, and I’ve never had problems with it, playing video games for cellular communication or anything else,” said Nathan Kimbrough Jr.

For others, they are happy wherever they are.

“I haven’t had the best luck with them,” Elizabeth Spring said, of her past experiences, years ago. “They were slow, and I wasn’t the only one, one of my friends had the same problem.”

Internet providers must submit a permit application to the municipalities. Penfield and Webster are some examples of local cities that are installing Frontier.

Webster resident Bob Blind said he’s had fiber in his home since May 24.

“Frontier is very aggressive here in Webster with plans to connect 238 streets with fibre,” he said.

He said it’s been pretty good so far, but the company may have to stick around people’s old experiences.

“People’s perception of the ‘old frontier’ is somewhat of an obstacle,” Blind said. “The slow DSL internet was not reliable all the time and it took them sometimes days to answer service calls. This is one area where I hope they improve and I tell them that,” he said.

One of its main competitors, Greenlight, made the following statement about its growth over the years:

Greenlight Networks recently announced that 100,000 homes Now access to high speed fiber internet service. Nearly 90 percent of these households are in 12 municipalities across Monroe County. We have construction in progress for another 10,000 homes with plans to start building an additional 10,000 homes in Monroe County between now and the end of the year.

Greenlight’s mission is to give residents a premium service – access to the fastest internet speeds in New Your State and, frankly, in the country. These days, we realize how important it is as families work, learn, connect with loved ones and entertain them at home. Often at the same time. And on multiple devices. The high-speed fiber optic network we’re building in this field provides the bandwidth to do all of this, seamlessly and simultaneously. We also see a demand for selection in this market. Where we’ve deployed, we’ve been successful in boosting competition which has led to faster bandwidth and lower prices.

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