5 picks, including Johan Oviedo and Brian Reynolds (Saturday, September 24)

Saturday’s MLB roster features 15 games, which means there are plenty of props for players to take advantage of across the board.

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Johan Oviedo Over 4.5 Strike Out

We have the third game of the NL Central series in the four-game divisions with Pittsburgh pirates Chicago hosts Cubs. Taking Pittsburgh’s hill is Johan Oviedo, running right, who should be a good candidate for a return to the strike division.

While Oviedo has been inconsistent since transitioning to the spin from the Bullpen, his hit numbers are still there, and he’s amassed 12 hits over the last 10 2/3 innings. In fact, he owns 24.3 thousand% this season.

Having hit six hits on his final start against the Mets, Oviedo should be able to get past that total once again against a much weaker Cubs lineup. Since August 1, Chicago is only 24th in the league in K% when facing a right-hand throw.

Given the expected lineup for tonight’s game, the Cubs send out seven men with a K% north of 23%. With 31 career roster games against Oviedo, this current roster in Chicago has 22.6K%.

Jason delay more than 0.5 bases total

We will also be supporting two pirate hitters in this competition as they are set to face left-handed Wade Miley. Since returning from injury, Miley hasn’t been too sharp, 0-1 with a 4.50 ERA and 1.50 WHIP through three starts.

The 35-year-old’s exit from a major shoulder injury is a major cause for concern going forward and could remain an issue in this game. The first Pittsburgh hitter we support is Jason Delay.

Hitting in seven of the last 12 games, that’s all we need from him to beat that number. Although he’s never faced Miley before, Delay hits best against left-handed shooters as his splits jumped about 32% to a .250/.350/.647 slash.

Bryan Reynolds Hitter Fantasy score over 6.5

The other Buccaneer hitter we’re supporting in this match is Brian Reynolds, who was one of the few bright spots at this club. This season, he owns .265 BA, .463 SLG and .807 OPS.

By surpassing that total in each of the first two games of the series, he should be able to continue taking on Miley. With 12 career board appearances against the left hand, Reynolds has .274 xBA, .591 xSLG and .420 xwOBA.

Electric bats are fine on every side of the board with their slots remaining relatively even.

Jose Seri under 0.5 total bases

We have the third game of AL East’s massive four-game indoor series with Tampa Bay rays Hosting Toronto Blue Jays. We’ll be fading out two hitters, who are set to face right-hand man Alex Manoah.

Through 29 starts this season, Manoah is 14-7 with a 2.40 ERA and 1.01 WHIP. Not only has the All-Star been phenomenal all year, but he enters this match particularly dominantly.

Over his last six starts, Manoah was 2-1 with a 1.32 ERA and 0.90 WHIP. Based on its metrics, we should expect more of the same as it boasts .289 xwOBA, .228 xBA and .352 xSLG.

The first ray dough to fade is Jose Seri. After winning a rough 0.215 this season, Siri has struggled to communicate.

Entering this competition, he has scored success in only four of his last 11 matches. With five players against Manoah, Ceri is 0-5 by two strokes.

Isaac Paredes Less than 0.5 total bases

Another hitter who’s starting to fade in this match is Isaac Paradis. Like Ceri, Paredes was unhurt in his run against Manoah (0-3).

Like Siri too, Paredes has struggled hard to connect this season as he only has 222 BA. His metrics are even worse because he produced 0.215 xBA.

When facing a right-hand throw this season, Paredes has posted a .213/ .444/ .758 slash. Kind of hitting it all or nothing, Parades swing fences on just about every field, which is good for his strength stats but terrible for his BA.

Going against a right-handed who has only allowed two runs on his turf during his last six starts, we should expect Paredes to stay cool on this outing.

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