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Phillies Coming home after an embarrassing streak in Atlanta. The brave swept Velez, dropping the club four consecutive games. Velez is still in the driving seat with regards to qualifying, but they can’t afford to lose their fifth game in a row in September. The Toronto Blue Jays’ warm welcome to South Philly is not what the Phillies want to see.

If there was ever a time to take revenge on the 1993 World Championship, now is the time.

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The Felizs control their own destiny as they head down the expanse. The club sits 2.5 games ahead of the Milwaukee Brewers To get last place in Wild Card in the National League. Thanks to the New York Mets, the Brewers lost on Monday night to give the Phillies an extra lead in the game half.

Thanks to Destiny Lugardo of Feliz nation The chart above shows what the Phillies need to do in order to keep themselves in the playoffs. The club gave themselves an advantage by taking the season series against Milwaukee. TBrewers should win 3 more matches than Phillies Between today and the end of the season to jump on them in a wild card. The San Diego Padres are throwing a little wrinkle into these plans, but if the Phillies just won some upcoming series, none of that would matter.

Play for the month of October

Velez is not the only team in this series to play in the playoffs. The Toronto Blue Jays are in the midst of another watershed mission. She carried Toronto last off-season and was considered by many as the favorite to win the world championship before the season started. After a hot start by the Yankees, the Blue Jays’ publicity waned, but the club remained very competitive.

Phillies Bryce Harper and JT Realmoto
The Philadelphia Phillies, JT Realmuto, right, celebrate after a three-game home run by Bryce Harper (3) and Alec Bohm during the eighth inning of a baseball game against the San Francisco Giants in San Francisco, Sunday, September 4, 2022. (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu)

The Blue Jays almost held the best wild card position in the MLS. They sit behind 5.5 matches New York Yankees for first place in the Middle East, So there is a reason to play for the rest of the season.

The Toronto powerhouse that includes Vladimir Guerrero Jr., George Springer, Beau Pechet and many others is a squad that could rival any other team in the league. The Phillies’ presentation crew will have to carefully locate their pitches for the next two games. If they fail to do so, the Blue Jays will make them pay.

Potential jugs

Game 1: Kyle Gibson (10-6, 4.45 ERA) vs. Ross Streibling (8-4, 2.94 ERA)

This is the game that Phillies must win. While Ross Streibling is a great bowler in his own right, he’s not as dominant as the man who will present Game Two of the series for Toronto. Stripling has been really strong for the Blue Jays this season and will definitely be huge for them in the playoffs. The start of Toronto doesn’t allow for many home workoutsOnly 11 left in the season. Waiting for one swing to change the game is not the approach Phillies should take in this game.

Kyle Gibson looked great against the Miami Marlins In this last start. The difficulty of the Marlins lineup versus the Toronto lineup is far less than challenging. Gibson will need to be even better than he was on Wednesday if he is to take the win for the Phillies. Kyle has shown he has everything it takes this season and has risen in key moments for the team. He’s also shown why he’s a fourth/fifth player and has let the team down in some big matches. The Phillies need the best of Gibson if they are to beat the Blue Jays on Tuesday.

Game 2: Zach Wheeler (11-7, 3.07 ERA) vs. Kevin Gossman (12-10, 3.45 ERA)

Ice Phillies will return to the pile on Wednesday The night with Zach Wheeler back from injury. Wheeler missed three weeks with right forearm soreness, and Velez wanted to put Zach’s health first. Wheeler will be used as an opener in this game and Noah Syndergaard will enter the game after Zack is finished. He is expected to have a pitch number, or turn limit, on his first comeback. The most important thing for Phillies is that Wheeler feels good before, during and after the match. If he suffers any setbacks, the chances of playing baseball in October get even tougher.

Velez’ offense will have the fun of facing off against Kevin Gossman in the second match. Gausman was one of the best bowlers in baseball last season and is having another strong season in Toronto in 2022. Kevin’s era has skyrocketed this season, but playing in the MLS East would do so for any bowler. It won’t be an easy task and he will chase down the Phillies in Wednesday’s game.

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